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  1. Hello Everyone, I have never actually played Naval Action despite being a backer Long development, many U-turns and uncertain future were the main reasons behind my decision over the years. Today I know this time was wasted.. I would love to start playing now but I feel a little lost. I hope it's still not too late... Could you please answer the below questions? They will help me decide how I want to embark on this adventure! My expectations: - In the long run, I would love to own L'Ocean and Santissima Trinidad. - I would mainly want to fight my way to fortune and glory.
  2. Ahoy! I am a returning player (! :) ) who would like to sail the seas yet again! I have an ancient character/in-game account which received a couple of gifts such as ships etc. over the months I stayed inactive. Me and my friend would like to try other nations and were curious if those gifts would become redeemable again on the new in-game account or would they be lost forever. One good example is the Christian ship available for 5 more days as a New Year gift. I'm other words: are the redeemables ETERNAL or a ONE-TIME OPPORTUNITY? Thanks
  3. An option to open and close gun ports on ships that had gun port covers. Apart from being a very nice aesthetical element they would also drastically lower the chance for the cannon to receive damage. Depending on how the "sinking mechanics" works (which unfortunately I know nothing about) closed gun ports would also slow down taking in water if the ship was struggling with leaks and the ports were under the waterline.
  4. Ahoy fellow Captains! While navigating through the Caribbean I loved the fact that one needs to establish his/her current location on the map to proceed to their destination. However, I found the always-available, super-precise data in the upper right corner of the map a bit "unhistorical".. And what if while sailing through the Open World we had to press a key only to receive a circle on the map depicting our estimated location within which our Officer managed to place us according to the sun, stars and previously acquired "ageing" data? The size of the circle would be dependant on a Navig
  5. Do you think ocean currents would be something worth modeling in Naval Action? They would not matter in battles but in conjunction with an open world AI NPC fleets sailing for the player across the globe this could make a difference between loss and profit. If one knew the "faster, current fuelled" route he or she could sell their goods for a better price, just before it dropped... What do you think? It's probably very little programming but hell of a lot of immersion.
  6. Ohh, I'd love to see all that! And if somebody says this is too complex to model they are wrong. There are flight simulations out there available for PC (Rise of Flight, DCS series) that perform hundreds of calculations regarding the air flow around the wing in real time and how ANY obstruction/deformations influence the lift generation. I suppose all we need to implement a mind-blowing damage model to both the hull and sails are a group of historical experts and coders. It can happen!
  7. Can I still enable the data display regarding wind and angles of sails using the console? If so, how? Thanks!
  8. We must remember that WoT premium tanks are never the top tier tanks - they are not the top of the ladder (one is tier X but it can only be won). That is why people are willing to pay to "skip" a long grind and jump right into the end-game fun. In NA we could make e.g. 3rd rate ships similar way but a problem could emerge if those ships engaged in 1 vs 1 battles against much lower tiered opponents. In WoT every tank can "only" meet -2 / +2 tiers and the battling groups are equal in numbers. The premium tanks are slightly OP on their level but they blend in when played against higher tiers. In
  9. maturin, I enjoy reading your posts. I find them very logical and full of real-life, historical information. I agree with your suggestions 100%.
  10. OK, good to know but you must admit that the scene below seems unreal: - Oh my God, here comes a big wave, the captain will perform a sharp turn in a minute and we are already knees deep in... water - lets leave the deck and evacuate upstairs! And halfway there, with people climbing up the stairs a new order is given: - No! Wait! The turn is completre, the wave has gone or whatever - back to your stations!!! And all that within 5 seconds... When flooding of the lowest (or any) deck reaches a certain level it should be sealed off and no shooting should be possible until pumps hav
  11. Why won't we just try to simulate how it all really worked? Why dividing the hull into invisible sections which will be not fair when comparing e.g. 2 with 4 decked ships? Why not treat each ship as one big box with horizontal divisions (decks). The box has buoyancy which makes it float at a certain level creating a waterline. Each hole whether made by a cannonball or being a gunport below the waterline will let in x-number of cubic meters of water per minute to the deck it is in. The buoyancy should (and is, isn't it?) be calculated in real time making the ship sink at a "realistic" pace. Pum
  12. What if the game is sold @~£20 one time payment but an in-game online store sells "vanity" items such as pretty sails, dyes, logos, flags, fancy clothes etc. for real money - items that DON'T influence the gameplay in any way? I'm no expert but would that work long term and keep the game profitable (Rift and DotA2 work like that)? If not, perhaps a sort of a premium account (faster building time, resource gathering time, quicker XP gain) could help? If you think about it it would not be "pay to win" per se. One with no premium could still spend more time playing then the one with premium accou
  13. super cool! I not only see no background but also no Victory ship icons...
  14. In relation to my question from an earlier thread regarding what Naval Action will look like when it is finished (http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1145-what-will-the-full-game-be-like/) I would like to suggest the following approach. 1. I would love this game to be an "open region sandbox", with the Caribbean and perhaps the whole of African coast being the areas of player influence. Ideally however, I'd like the whole globe to be available for players to explore. As crazy as this may sound to some people it has been implemented into a computer game before in the Silent Hunter
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