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  1. i went with a lot of torpedoes, 9inch twin mains and a lot of 8 inch secondaries - with as much armour as i could manage on second inspection i went for numbers - see second picture
  2. Thanks for the input Draconins - a long time since I looked at the pacific campaigns - it was good to re-read these two accounts. Not sure if this proves what I mean though - it was only truly effective either from planes, subs or perhaps as in this case when using Japanese long lance torpedoes. The American torpedoes were deemed either defective or launched out of range (not sure if that was ever concluded satisfactorily). If you tried to re-enact either battle in the game chances are pretty much every torpedo from both sides will have caused enormous damage with both sides probably losing ov
  3. There is recoil - I think the only time there isnt is where its a ceremonial charge and no projectile
  4. Im finding "prove your might" to be difficult - the major issue is the accuracy - the enemy fleet seem to be at least two or three times as accurate as whatever build I can put forward. It just feels unbalanced - I have yet to succeed although I have been very close twice out of about a dozen attempts Conversely I found the mission where its a battleship versus a fleet of enemy destroyers (10 or 12 I think) is beatable by equipping a battleship hull with very small main armament and tons of secondarys and loads of torpedo launchers - that also doesnt feel right being able to beat it
  5. Forgive me if I have missed an option or am posting in the wrong place - having just purchased the game I have to say it is very entertaining. I’ve settled into it pretty much right way and enjoy it immensely. For suggestions on enhancements would the following be feasible? In no particular order just thoughts that occur:- 1. Animation of crew/builders when in dockyard building the ship and prior to launch. 2. When conducting custom battles I don’t seem able to save my ship designs – can a save option be added? 3. When completing a custom battle I seem to exit
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