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  1. people came back to the game, only to find stats being adjusted again and again after rvr resumed, and now its just like why even play anymore... Nobody wants to build ships that are going to suck in a week and nobody wants to play a game without rvr...can't have rvr without ships...
  2. Admin, What is the point of all these wood changes if your just going back to teakS/teakS and Teak/WO being the meta like before? Why did you even change anything for the past month?
  3. I only see african teak, malabar teak, teak s, teak, rangoon teak... where is the other woods?
  4. this would be amazing. give the reps back to the new players at least. 2 friends started the game. one yesterday one last week. The one yesterday quit already cuz he didn't get the same loot as the other one. The one got a christian permit, endy permit, 1k reps of each type. Quitter got like 25 hull reps 25 sail reps and 100 rum. LGV refit, and christian permits. Not to mention no naval clock. He already requested a refund on steam too
  5. Have you seen there plan for teak and white oak... that would be pretty much obsolete.
  6. Admin, - so you said shipbuilding would have doubloons removed, hasn't happened - Wood will be changing in values, but no firm data has been given to the player base, and what data is out there changes every few days. -Port battles and rvr are returning, yet at any point entire port battle fleets of ships will be rendered obsolete. Why is RvR being turned on prior to the wood patch? The wood patch will effect people's ability to port battle, and people need time to actually build the ships. This process feels out of order.
  7. maybe make all permits purchasable with doubs?
  8. Hittings

    Server down

    trust me your password is as stated above...
  9. lots of salt in this thread. lots of tears.
  10. As a new player this final exam eludes me. I'm in my first week into it, and every night have been a skill building exercise. I have many MMOs under my belt including POTBS and EVE so alot of the basics of sailing are there its just this is more extreme and harsh. This final exam isn't a tutorial though and thats the biggest problem with it. A tutorial should have a 70% success rate or higher. It should be building up a player not beating them into the ground with the harshness of the game. (They should find that out later on..not in the tutorial section). The final exam is suppose
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