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  1. Has your DD been running in a more or less straight line for a while or done some maneuvering beforehand (that will slow a ship down and, depending on engine efficiency, it can take a long time to get up to speed again)? Also, any damage to the DD? Other than that, I don't have an explanation. Note: AFAIK, the info-card shows the maximum speed, not the current speed a ship is at. For that you have to hover your mouse over the speed-slider (could be wrong on that, as I haven't payed much attention to that, I have to admit)
  2. The problem with this specific, well, problem is, that the torpedo launcher don't track a target until you allow them to fire (i.e. as long as you set them to not launch, the launchers will face forward/aft. When you reach a good position to launch, you allow them to launch, but the launchers aren't pointed at the target, so they start to turn towards it. This takes a bit of time and since, at least in the earlier campaigns, you are very close to the target, the angle changes very quickly (if you are _very_ close, faster than the launchers can turn) and you also leave that good position v
  3. I watched Stealth's last video. He put one of his two CA on torpedo-avoidance.....it was hilarious. Edit: Here is a link (hilarity begins at about 27:00)
  4. If this will be anything like Rule The Waves 2 (which is stated to be the inspiration for this game), then you station your ships in ports in the various areas (like on the current campaign map the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Irish Sea, ...) and the Battle Generator will pull ships in those areas for both or multiple sides (there _will_ be alliances) to crate a battle in that area. I don't know if ships from adjacent areas can join a battle, like ships in the Baltic joining a battle in the North Sea if their range is large enough, but I wouldn't bet on it. Be aware that the above i
  5. @Littorio Good question. To be honest, I think I'll heed the age-old internet advice of "don't feed the troll" from here on out.
  6. From Steam: Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more What part of "...game is not complete..." didn't you understand? If you offer that car of yours with only 3 wheels and a leaking radiator as such with a promise to _maybe_ fix it later and I buy it, then that's totally on
  7. Maybe someone should teach the AI that, while this design has all it's main guns forward of the bridge, this is not what an All-Forward design is supposed to look like.
  8. Yep, fighting by sinking the enemy's ships is completely impossible [rolls eyes] Also, you quite obviously have no understand of the meaning of EARLY ACCESS
  9. The AI doesn't know when to use what ammo. As far as I can tell, the AI always uses the "Auto" setting for it's ammo, which seems to use AP for main guns and maybe(?) HE for secondary guns, no matter what. So when I'm chasing a retreating AI ship, given the very high ricochet chance, I'm naturally switching to HE. The AI, however, keeps shooting at me with AP - which bounces off about 95% of the time. This makes it killing them rather easy but also quite boring.
  10. I'm gonna post this here instead of the suggestion thread, because it's not a suggestion to add anything, but to remove something - the collision avoidance system. Seriously, this thing is driving me up the wall. Just finished a battle where my armored cruiser ate two torps because it was close to a second one and refused to move out of the way. There are two issues, as far as I can tell 1. the game seems to calculate collisions as if the 2nd ship wouldn't move, so if I have two ships, both are ordered to turn 90° port but one ship would be in the way of the other if it wer
  11. 1. Spotting system needs, I don't want to say complete rework, but a _lot_ of adjustment at the very least. RTW is supposedly the inspiration for UAD, so making it similar to how it's done there wouldn't be a bad idea (you don't have to re-invent the wheel here, if it works somewhere else, use it!) 2. Refits, nuff said. 3. Weapons (turrets and torpedo launchers) should track a target, even if you have "don't shoot" enabled, so they can open up the second you order them to instead of only start turning towards the enemy at that point. 4. Increase research speed. I get that the cu
  12. One of the problems with torps, as far as I can tell, is that the launchers are not aimed at the target while you have them set to "don't launch your fish". This means, they are usually pointing forward or aft. Then you get in position and allow them to fire their torps, so now they start to rotate to aim at the target and if you are very close (as required in the 1890 and 1900 campaign), you have often left the good position before the launchers are pointed correctly - sometimes the target is completely outside the launcher's arc. Of course, this is ridiculous. The launchers should _alwa
  13. To add to the spotting discussion: I just had a battle between two of my DDs vs. two of the AI. Time of day: Evening Weather: Clear Wind: Calm Waves: Smooth And the AI's DDs popped up a little over 5km from my own ships (the picture is about 10 to 15 seconds in-game time after they showed up) - seriously?
  14. In my current 1930 campaign, the British are fielding a heavy cruiser, that would make Kitakami sit in the corner and cry. 20 launchers per broadside (yes, that's 40 launchers in total) with increased reloads for a total of 120 torps. Of course, it's speed and armor is pitiful and it only carries 7" guns but hey, torps for the win, lol. They also have a BB with decent armor, carrying 16, 8, 5, two kinds of 4, 3 and two kinds of 2 inch guns and a couple of torpedo launchers - and has a top speed of 19.4 knots.
  15. I generally put each ship in it's own group to prevent the AI from screwing up my battle plans - yes, in larger engagements, this means micromanagement hell. I have used the Auto-Resolve function for those, where forces were at least similar for that reason. Not ideal, but well.... If you put mirrored turrets on a ship, right clicking on one of them should remove the other one as well. If you move one of them around, however, that doesn't work anymore.
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