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  1. I would be fine with historical boni being implemented as an option, like, at a game's start, you can tick a check-box for "historical advantages" so nations gain the boni they had historically but if you _don't_ check that box, then nobody gains any boni unless they develop them.. I would be opposed to those boni being hard coded without any way to remove/change them. I mean, I'm pretty sure there isn't a law of nature that states that the IJN simply _has_ to develop the Long Lance and simply _has_ to train excessively in night combat. The IJN developed those techniques because they
  2. What version number does your game show because even after DL-ing the latest two quick-patches, my game shows Alpha v76. So either I'm missing some step in upgrading (which should, and so far has been automatic - well, I had to click "update"), something isn't displayed as it should be or v76 _is_ Alpha 8
  3. Agreed. IIRC, for some of the "all forward" designs, like the Nelson class, this design was specifically chosen in order to shorten the citadel.
  4. Well, going from Rule the Waves 2, as the UK in 1920, comparing the ships I can build (25 knots, 4 twin turrets, immunity zone from 14 to 24 k km) Armed with 14" guns: 35,000 tons, 122.3 millions Armed with 15" guns: 40,600 tons, 140.7 millions Armed with 16" guns: 46,100 tons, 160 millions (US ships, since the UK doesn't have 16" guns) Armed with 18" guns (UK, bad quality, so armor for equal quality guns is a bit of a guess but should be in the correct ballpark): 63,000 tons, 218.4 millions So going from 14 to 15 inch guns adds 5,500 tons. Going from 15 to 16 i
  5. Personally, I think national traits should develop from the way you play. For example, if you always build heavily armored ships and focus R&D on armor (I'm assuming we have some influence on where to put focus in R&D), then, over time, you would get a bonus to your armor quality. If you build mainly very fast ships and invest in engine research a lot, you would get a bonus to your engine technology. You like big guns, put always the largest guns possible on your ships and invest heavily in even bigger guns? You probably should get a bonus to big guns, be it ROF, accurac
  6. All hail the Quads! Oh wait, I don't think this is what you meant
  7. Just watched this vid by Stealth17 Gaming. Words just fail me
  8. this is something I actually like, allowing me to fiddle with a part until the weight offset is as small as possible.
  9. This just came to me. If (and that's a big if) we have something similar to the Prestige rating in RTW, how about getting presented with, let's call it a first draft of the treaty. Say, just as an example: BB/BC no larger than 35,000 tons BB/BC no guns larger than 16" CA no larger than 12,000 tons CA no larger guns than 9" Ships under construction that exceed this are to be scrapped. And now you get a couple of "points", the more prestige you have the more points you get, to tweak those numbers. Say, you could spend some to keep that B
  10. Hm, how about having the AI "identify" an enemy ship as, say, a CL, have the game _show_ a CL, so when you zoom in, you _see_ a CL, only for it to switch to, say, a BC once you identify it?
  11. Hey, hey, hey, don't knock my Semi-Dreadnoughts (4 x 11" + 12 x 9"). I friggin love them in my RtW2 games with seriously slowed research rates and even keep them for some time after my first true Dreadnought launches.
  12. Just to throw that in quickly, 2. is one of the most requested features on the forum. It is promised to come, but atm, only with the campaign, which will be some 6 months (don't ask me why the one is tied to the other, I don't understand it either)
  13. The Maned Wolf is right on this. The armor mechanics, the gunnery model, the economics of the campaign are all game mechanics. The campaign itself, the Academy and the custom battles are all features. To quote Durano, the Centauri Minister of Intelligence: If you can not say what you mean, you can never mean what you say.
  14. Oh, I agree that it would be great to be able to design, well, all the ships, you own and the enemy's, in the custom battles (and friggin being able to save them) and would keep a _lot_ of people busy while waiting for the campaign. I don't really argue against that and as I said, I can wait for the campaign to be "finished" and a month or two more to add the above functionality wouldn't kill me. I mostly replied just because it really, really annoys me when people on forums (even more so on social media) assume to know what other people want
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