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  1. Have been replaying those missions that relies heavily on the use of torpedoes. Noticed one thing. If you hand over the control of your fleet to AI or group sevral ships up as a flotilla it usually works pretty decent for gunnery-focused warships in regards of maneuver and positioning, I'll give it that. That's much less the case for torpedo-focus warship types though, such as TB, DD or CL. They still try to behave as a gunship and rush to the face of the enemy regardless of their current torpedo tube reload status. Also they just sail in small circles near the enemy around themselves after dr
  2. As far as I can tell all weapon data seems very much precalculated database stuff rather than historical performance. Even with the same caliber different guns produced by different countries in different era with different barrel lengths will produce different results, yet currently these are all uniform. It shouldn't be much of a difficulty adding more gun caliber based on this assumption. But it's also no more than a novelty to do so. I'd honestly rather to see more cusomization for the torpedo system though. Currently it feels... underwhelming and lackluster compared to the gunnery s
  3. Is it the case that deck armor does not covering the funnel/ bridge part (like sensible real life case), or is the HE penetration just too good? In that modern battleship mission I had a case of my super-heavy 18" gun shooting HE, and just one-shot an enemy battleship in the first salvo by a full penetration. From 16km away when enemy haven't even spotted me yet. Is this working as intended?
  4. As the title suggests, is it possible to add more historically accurate weapons that are currently not present in the game? For example, currently main armaments goes step up in integral number of inches, so naturally something of not-so-conventional desighes got missed out, even if you ignore some round-ups. Some notable examples are, British 4.5" guns for destroyer main armament and battleship secondaries (http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_45-45_mk1.php), Japanese 14cm (5.5") guns for light cruiser main armament and battleship secondaries (http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNJAP_55-50_3ns.php
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