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  1. To the "developers" of this game: I hope that the constant "wipes" and "resets" are not your approach to advance the game and build attractiveness for a broader group of clients. Because to keep doing the same thing over and over again will not give you any different results from what you have. At least for me there are more attractive options to spend my timer then to keep grinding to eventually re-reach the level I that already have in this game. I might simply look for alternatives . . .
  2. Super! The "regedit" workaround works and the"1" key is back operational in battle mode! Thanks.
  3. Since a couple of days the "1" key apparently does not work anymore in battle. Outside battle mode the "1" key works just fine. Also different keyboards do not fix the issue. This means: I cannot switch load for the "1" broadside. For the rest of the guns I cannot switch back to balls (key "1") once I used other ammunition. In repair mode I cannot use hull repairs (key "1"). Obviously, this creates a massive handicap in battle. Has anybody experienced similar problems?
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