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  1. Ah, I did indeed play a melee focused Union. That’s probably the reason; melee does indeed do a lot of damage when you get charged. Yes, I meant Division commanders. I forgot the levels of Army Organization. My 1st Corps got the bayonet training. The 2nd Corps focused on fire, (both with 2000 brigades,) but the 3rd Corps I filled with 4000 strong brigades, and I gave them all the speed/rotation buff. (I wanted to test all the 2 star buffs.) I planned to send the 3rd in first to overun breastworks, but ended up using it to do the most of the fighting, since they tanked way better than my fragile 1st/2nd, especially in melee. By the time I stormed Richmond, the 1st Corps was wrecked, most Brigades being under 1000 men after the day 1 bloodbath, and storming just 1 fort on day 2. It was up to the 3rd to take the city.
  2. I won. Once I found the most effective weapons, (and got past that tutorial level,) it was super easy. I only ever lost the levels that take away the Army I built, and replace it with a predetermined and crappy outnumbered one. (I have always hated that about the campaign in general.) Final thoughts, infantry are too weak at shooting. I understand you wanted to portray melee as more important, (as it was,) but shooting is practically a waste of time without all the perks and the best guns, while a charging rookie brigade is now very dangerous. So, it basically skews the inaccuracy in the opposite direction. It's kind-of ridiculous to see a 4000 strong brigade equipped with 1863 Springfields kill only a couple dozen enemies with a volley at point-blank range, even if they are rookies. The attrition rate on corp commanders is atrocious for whatever reason, (maybe because they are under fire for far longer by the weak gunfire? IDK.) Generals are not worth their now exorbitant price, as they die, die, and die. I think they would actually be safer commanding single brigades than they are over corps. I got by just fine placing Colonels in command of everything instead, even with corps of five 4000 strong brigades. The small efficiency drop was negligible so long as they had good guns. But hey, maybe the game has always been like this, and I just didn't notice because Generals were cheap. I struggled to find much use for cannons, excepting 6 lb field, 12/24 lb howitzers, 10 lb ordinance/Parrot, and 14 lb James. (Can't attest to the ones Confederate exclusive.) Everything else felt useless due to their high cost, slow reloads, marginally higher damage and range, but far worse accuracy to take any advantage of said traits. In other words, it's more or less the same as vanilla, at least, it wasn't clear to me at what each gun was supposedly good at. The guns end up being more powerful only by virtue of muskets being terrible at shooting. I can't deny it was fun, but is this better than vanilla? Well, I'd say even though the pathetic shooting is annoying, the mod has far more to offer than vanilla, like multiple viable army specializations, and compelling reason to invest in career traits other than Politics and Medicine. I did experience substantial lag and CTDs in major battles, but that's the trade off for so many sprites on screen.
  3. Just had another crash, and I have the save. It occurred about 1 minute after. What do you need exactly, and what directories are they in?
  4. I don't actually, I was saving every 10 minutes or so, and almost all of the crashes happened on Day 2. A similar crash occurred in the follow-up battle of Bayou Fourche. This time, it happened after I captured a unit of skirmishers with some cavalry. Anyway, I suspect it'll probably occur in Chickamauga, so I'll follow-up with the save file if it does.
  5. Remember me? Well, I'm back. Been busy, but finally had time to fight through the Battle of Gettysburg. I experienced 5 or 6 CTDs during the Battle of Gettysburg, they seemed related to when reinforcements arrived, but I can't say I know how to replicate them. I eventually got through by saving every 10 minutes or so, very odd. Noticed another small issue, that capturing and holding the rebel position on the 3rd day of battle doesn't result in victory. It's not a big deal, since I can just end the battle at the start of day 4, but it was a minor annoyance. Honestly, this is likely more the fault of the developers implementing false objectives than a bug on your part.
  6. Having fought past Stones River, here's my impressions to far. *I love the revamp of the Career Points. There's finally a reason to invest in areas besides Politics and Medicine. I feel like Politics may still be too OP. It giving recruits, money, and government points just makes it way too good to pass. I can't deny though, starting with 6 in training was helpful in its own ways. *I love the revamp of perks. Seriously, who's going to bother picking anything besides "Infantry" for every major general's perk in vanilla? This is much better. *I love the devastating potential of a well executed charge. In vanilla, melee was the one statistic I found impossible to farm due to its high attrition, and redundant to attempt since it was cheaper and just as effective to field rookies with melee guns instead. Now, with some skill, a player can do a lot of damage in melee without taking too much in turn. *I love the new artillery cone. It's so useful, since I can clearly see the range for each type of shot. This alone would make vanilla much better. *I like the standardization of weapons in terms of range. I get what you're going for, generally speaking max range for artillery was anything you could see, a little less for smoothbore guns. Modern imported rifles were just as effective as S1861s, there was no linear progression of bad to good rifles like in vanilla. the standardized melee of rifles to 60 or 80 is a lot easier to follow. As far as I know, the only factors that might affect melee in reality are length of the rifle obviously, (mostly standard,) and the type of bayonet. (Sword-style ones can incorporate situational slash attacks.) It also improves the general gameplay. Giving the Union arbitrarily terrible melee guns in vanilla seemed like a cheat to make the campaign harder than it should have been. It's nice to have at least 1 great melee rifle in each game stage, even if it's hard to get lots of them. *Damage makes less sense to me. 6.5 damage on a S1855, but jumps all the way to 9 on the S1861? Seems odd considering they are the same caliber; what am I missing here? 6 Pounders are utterly overpowered. I see little indication it is "rapidly becoming obsolete" when it's fire rate of 80 is 1.33x faster than the Napoleon's 60 while having the same range, damage, and ammo characteristics. Not sure what the "collateral damage" statistic describes, but it seems to be the Napoleon's only advantage. I've slaughtered thousands with "obsolete" 6 Pounders. *I dislike the high attrition of corps officers. So far, I've had only 1 Colonel survive to be promoted to BG, and I'm past Stones River! I understand if they're leading a brigade directly and get hit often sure, but that no one else survived proves to me that investing in expensive leaders who will be killed before 2 major battles pass is just a waste. Maybe it's historical? IDK, but I still ain't paying for it. That's all for now. I rate this at least 3x better than the vanilla experience. GJ!
  7. I'm experiencing a persistent CTD around Parker's Crossroads in my Union Campaign. It started with a CTD some time after my reinforcements got there, but now, I get a CTD shortly after clicking the button that starts the battle, and once, I even got a CTD swapping between the battle select screen and the army camp. If there's a log anywhere that can offer more information on what's happening, let me know. EDIT: odd, I just attempted it again, and got through without incident. I've saved prior to the battle, but can progress for now.
  8. I have played BG up to Shiloh now, and I think this mod is pretty cool. I still haven’t learned the intricacies of the gun balance, but I notice rifles are far less powerful. It’s better to sit under fire to recover condition and charge than to trade fire, bizarre to say. Artillery support is crucial to breakthrough, but some cannons are extremely rare. Napoleons and 6 Pounders seem like the way to go early game. I don’t get which officers to use. Getting a general to lead Divisions is prohibitively expensive, and I got unlucky, losing both high ranking Colonels in those commands, in the Shiloh campaign. I’m trying to field a 3k rookie brigade with muskets, but only gave them a Major since no officer is good enough to lead them. I never got how the Efficiency stat affected shooting and melee in vanilla. Can anyone explain it?
  9. I have beaten the vanilla game on MG, that’s why I went looking for a new challenge, just not the way Legendary Mode does it, (by cheating.) I dropped the difficulty to BG, and it worked like a charm: I took the town easily. When I finally got to army management, I realized playing on MG would have been hell. Guns and Officers are expensive now, like really expensive! True, we also get more money, but I’ve no doubt it is not enough to beat the game on MG. Thanks to all those offering advice, but I think that result screen speaks for itself. I did take advantage of options available to me, but the bottom line is there isn’t time to use some of the strategies suggested. For one, 12 pounder napoleons do not have the range or accuracy to deal with artillery batteries in heavy cover. They will also quickly exhaust their and the wagon’s ammo before sufficiently damaging the brigades waiting on the opposite side of the river, though since it’s impossible to assault a river defended by so many brigades, (after I cut off several from making it across,) you have to try. Add in the necessity to take the town quickly, and the player is left with no option but to rush across into rifle and canister fire. If you managed to pull that off in time by some miracle, then good for you, but let’s not pretend an average, (even skilled,) player could win it their first try without being very lucky.
  10. I see there is already discussion about the scaling, and I don't want to be rude, but it really is too much. What I want to know is how you guys got to even Shiloh on MG as Union. This is mission 1 of my MG campaign... and it's over. A real shame. I managed to assault the river and take the town, only to immediately find Rebel reinforcements the size of the army I'd just defeated. when they all charged in, there was nothing my exhausted guys could do, and 2 Brigades immediately surrendered. I was excited for the better designed campaign I read about in the OP, but something I can't stand is artificial difficulty by being outnumbered more than 2:1 from the start. It is not historical, (especially in a Union campaign,) or fun. I hope the scaling is less pronounced on lower difficulties, but I'm out of gaming time ATM, and wanted to get my first impressions out there. If it's as ridiculous as this, I don't think the mod will be for me.
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