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  1. Ensign Fiasco, reporting for duty. Consider me interested
  2. Hello! I'm mostly a guy from the Reddit Community, (great group) but it's been suggested that I should post about my series' here as well. In fairness, I'd like to be more active in the UGCW community generally...so - let's jump in. I've got two series running at the moment, both Major General Difficulty, one Union and one Confederate. I try to upload one for each about once a week (generally Wednesdays), but sometimes life interferes and I don't do any, and other times I see a lull at work and I'll post three in a weekend! Union CSA Generally speaking, my composition is somewhere above Minimal, and I play with what I term the "Mixed Order" composition. I try to grow my maximum unit size in a slow sustainable manner using Raw Recruits as often as possible, and exclusively when practicable. I use Raw Recruits up until one of the following happens. Adding an additional raw-recruit would drop a star I've reached the maximum authorized strength of a BDE at that phase of the war. And, I try to build "balanced" Divisions which have one Veteran unit and several lesser units, though as you go on and all your units have 1 star, "Veteran" starts to take on a new meaning. I use Pandakraut's wonderful UI modification, which does mean that the "large unit" debuff to efficiency is not present (which honestly helps the enemy more than me...2950 man BDE's at Chancellorsville...shudder). *** The over-commentary is as often about what's happening in the battle at a Tactical or Operational level as it is about something completely random in the context of that battle, military history generally or my favorite authors about the subject. The entire commentary track is written with a new player's view in mind, and these videos are intended to function as a walk-through for *possible* ways to approach these battles and do well. Anyway, that's enough pre-amble. I hope you guys enjoy what you see, and I'd love to engage. Best Fiasco.
  3. Panda, having tried this Mod out, I genuinely don't think I can go back to playing without it. One day I'll try the Rebalance too, but for now even just the visual and Tool Tip elements make this indispensable to me. Great work! FG PS I'll be doing a show-case vid on my channel and post it either here or on reddit.
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