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  1. I hope they do this, facing ships somehow carrying 16x508mm guns is kinda getting old... Imagine spending time crafting a carefully balanced, effective and grounded ship only for the AI to bring a clown car with an impossibly heavy armament array and sink it in two salvos... Also, limiting the AI with templates would hopefully allow us to have a more varied designer. I feel like the devs wanting to leave the AI design ships from scratch is completely castrating the ship designer, as they want to keep it "as simple as possible" so that the AI doesn't do what it's already doing anyway.
  2. To me, the issue with accuracy comes when my guns have a 95% hit chance yet keep missing salvo after salvo, without hitting a single shell, while the enemy ship has a 37% hit chance and yet keeps hitting me full salvos every time...
  3. I will always be impressed by how much this game's team actually interacts and listens to the playerbase, compared to... other game teams. There are still many issues, but these are being addressed quite quickly and feedback is actually taken into account.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. At the end of the day, it ends up feeling like the only true meta is to slap the biggest guns in the biggest hulls and that’s it
  5. I want to add that I like the new crew mechanics a lot! They add more realism and dynamism to the game, and ships feel more "alive" than ever! I love how crew is an actual number, and how you can see the loses on the battle log, as well as the remaining crew and percentage in your ship's card. Also like a lot all the additions and polishments regarding the ship designer. The more control we have, the better!
  6. Thank you for such quick addressing! Now that we are at it, I also noticed extreme FPS drops, freezes and sometimes crashes when fitting components to the new Spanish Battleship (which, by the way, I love!)
  7. In my case, it goes to the maximum possible values. I can no longer type any value because it always goes to the maximum, no matter what I type, so I have to restart the ship and use the buttons instead... because no matter if I type 200, 300 or 400, it always goes to 900! EDIT: exiting the designer and coming back will find the values set to default normal levels, but the typing bug persists... so now that I know it, I will only change the values with the buttons until it is fixed xD
  8. Yup... not only because half of the main battery is placed outside the main belt (which is why I would like to be able to define, at least, the horizontal limits of the belts), but also because all-or-nothing schemes are not possible in the game. If you try to make a proper all-or-nothing ship, and assuming you don't get immediatly ammoracked because there are turrets outside the main belt, you will be destroyed in 5 salvos hitting the extended parts out of overpenetration damage... ...when the very purpose the all-or-nothing ships were designed for, was precisely so that the areas t
  9. The thing is, there's something about ships that is way heavier than it should already. Just try to make any replica build. Bismarck, Iowa... it will always weight 10,000-15,000 more tons than it should... and now it will weight even more because of the armor weight increases...
  10. One of the biggest issues is AIs making mega-OP ships with 15x 508mm guns all the time. Imagine making a state of the art Battleship, carefully crafted to balance all of its aspects perfectly in a well protected and potent ship... only to get obliterated an AI clowncar ship with 9% accuracy while you have a 74% accuracy because it made a Battleship with impossibly heavy main battery that one-hit kills you...
  11. It would also be cool if you could define the barbettes' thickness, I think they are an essential component of warships which had them.
  12. One of my most desired ship design features is to be able to define the horizontal and vertical limits of the main belt.
  13. Yeah... it's been 20 days since the long awaited Core patch had been anounced to be "arriving", and even at this point we still know nothing about it apart from what's in the original post... As some people has said, it would have been nice to have, at very least, some screenshots of some of the hulls... or something xD
  14. Good analysis, completely agree! I have seen balanced and grounded ships a couple of times... I wish it was the norm. They are the fun ones.
  15. The worst thing is to think about all the limitations the ship designer has for the players because "it has to be kept simple so that the AI can work with it", when even then the... "special" AI keeps making 15x508mm clown cars with 40 secondaries of 6 different calibers but no armor whatsoever, for example. It's been a while since I've seen a minimally grounded and balanced AI ship... I wonder why can't they just give us a more detailed ship designer, closer to what has always been advertised, and give the AI a simple variant it can manage better.
  16. AI is already making ships with 15x508mm guns either way... I would just make the enemy ships myself at this point rather than trusting this AI to make minimally grounded ships xD
  17. It's been 11 days of waiting (actually months but)... I need this update 😢
  18. I 100% agree. It's very annoying when ships are put in strange positions, specially when you try to group some ships and they start sailing in circles around instead of simply adopting the desired formation because of the weird automatic priority things. I would rather just be able where I want each ship in the formation...
  19. Exactly. To me, the earliest stuff is just a few quick steps to make way to a larger and greater goal, I fully understand that the devs focus the most on the most modern and larger vessels and I agree with it
  20. Yeah, numbers are pretty random sometimes. Sometimes, I have a hit chance of 90% because I have the best technology and guns, while the enemy has 50%, yet I miss every shot for 4 salvos in a row while the enemy hits me with at least two shells every salvo, like... those chances don't seem to be very accyrate xD
  21. I feel like this game is sacrificing lots of realism (like modules and bases being overweight) and ship design features and mechanics just to patch the yet flawed AI, all in vain... it's kinda sad when you think about it.
  22. Also agree with this. I wouldn't say that they are fine, either: many components and bases are overwight... Try to make a historical ship, and you will see that most of the times, they are overweight by up to 10,000 tons. I don't know what it is, but there's something that is definitely overweight over here, and now it looks like armor will too...
  23. I agree! Or at least be able to define their displacement. It's kinda underwhelming to make a Super Battleship and have your opponents be some 20,000 ton Battleships with 220mm thick armor
  24. Agree! I have always liked the idea of doing modern refits, for example, a 1940 modernization refit of a 1916 ship, just as it was done very often in real life. For example, take a WWI-era ship and install modernised WW2-era engines and targeting systems on it. Yet here you can't take hulls out of their 2-3 year brackets, so it's quite limiting and frustrating.
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