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  1. I would extend that wish to all of the ships with names of a class. Frigate, 3rd rate, Privateer; it's a little obnoxious to try to talk strategy about ships and not being able to talk about "frigates" since that's actually a ship.
  2. Furthermore, it would remove the problem of Taggers and PVP marks I mention here. There's lots of people who are discouraged from being pure taggers in PVP as we don't get marks, this would solve that issue entirely. It would probably be smart to only apply PVP marks if the target does get killed, but still.
  3. Currently, experience is provided to players based on the hull hits they score on a killed target. This entirely leaves out players who score primarily sail or crew hits. This is a major flaw especially for sail hits because there are many situations and strategies when playing alongside friendly ships wherein a captain may legitimately maximize their effectiveness by focusing on rigging or crew damage, and as of now they receive zero credit for it. Even further, the task of dedicated rigging attackers is best suited to smaller vessels that are commonly captained by newer players. It is very hard to new players to sail alongside higher ranks in larger battle because even though they can provide the very useful contribution of rigging hits and raking grape attacks, they won't get any points for doing so and are thus discouraged from training alongside folks. From a new player retention viewpoint, this could also provide some much needed encouragement for midshipmen and the like as they'd actually be useful and benefit themselves from participating in fights they're invited to by more experienced players, who can even show them the ropes in the process.
  4. Howdy KOC, loved that fight south of Cton the other day! I think you're misunderstanding my point, but I'm also confused by some of your thoughts. First, I specifically didn't single out "PVPers" in my post because I'm not complaining about PVP. PVP is my favorite part of the game, and what I spend most of my time doing. However I'm a specific type of PVPer that doesn't get a lot of marks. We could tisk tisk laugh that it's because I'm a bad PVPer, but even allowing for that I still wouldn't get nearly as many as lots of other folks. I defensively patrol national waters, and am usually a tagger. Lot's of folks can get tons of kills by hitting traders and inexperienced players in their respective waters; I think that's fun, and keeps players like myself busy! But I'm not getting hardly any of those such easier kills, and as a tagger working on sails most of the time a kill usually won't yield me any marks anyway. I'm not ratting on people or saying that people with lots of marks are just going the easy route; what I'm pointing out is that someone can do a bunch of PVP and still not get very many marks. And so where I see a problem, and also am confused by your reply, is that PVP marks do allow you access to markedly superior mods. "Never once will you get a good mod from doing pvp." - If you do PVP, and get kills, and thus marks, you are getting access to a bunch of good mods. It is also true that you can buy those marks, but 3-5 million (10 marks at 3-500k each) for a single PVP mod is pricey (by most people's standards), and that creates a cost of entry veiled in a layer I don't see the purpose for in the first place (see next paragraph). I agree that experience and fast decision making are what makes a good pvper, but two great PVPers in identical ships will produce reliably one sided results if one of them has vastly superior mods. Mods matter. Why have PVP rewards in the first place? It's not as if people were lacking in motivation to do PVP before, and now there's a set of mods and even ships (via permit) that you can only get by earning PVP marks or buying them (expensively) from folks who most of the time are just doing exactly what they did before. I think you alluded to this when you said "pvp is high risk" but why is PVP high risk when as you said, ships are cheap and easy to replace? Perhaps your mods are the expensive thing, but if you're getting lots of PVP marks then there's nothing I see risky, so why any need to motivate? I do think that having a combat mark for specifically PVP related kills is a useful mechanic and can be applied to things in a cool and useful way, I just worry that the sheer intensity of their purchasing power (not even mentioning 1st rates) creates some issues in balanced gameplay. PVP, to me at least, has always been its own reward. Cheers sir!
  5. I think I meant to say "even if", that is to say I agree with your thinking, and also like the more thematically consistent word!
  6. AI fleet members are necessary for trading, but have limited utility in combat. I have two ideas regarding more versatile commands. 1. A command for AI fleet members to loot Since a major source of permanent upgrades (and the only source for some) is looting ships, it would be a fantastic addition to command AI fleet members to loot wrecks. Implementation could be simple, as in you tell an AI to loot a specific wreck, and he's programmed to approach and then some mechanic exists for looting. 2. A general "move to here" set of commands. There's lots of situations where you'd like an AI to perform an action, but have a preference of the route he takes to do so. As in you can tell him to flee, but he just automatically goes to his fastest point of sail, even if that's straight into a group of AI. We should be able to set waypoints that end on the desired action. Combining with my first suggestion, tell him to move to point x before moving to loot a wreck at point y.
  7. A little here and a little there can make a big difference with a skilled player, but the way in which we can stack some things (e.g. Penetration) gets absurd. There is a selection of mods that compensates a bit for this, as you can't stack different *rigging* mods like French, Spanish, Boven etc. Something similar should exist for other categories, or perhaps just have diminishing returns for all: i.e. each additional mod for a stat you add gives some amount less each time. As a rule of thumb, I'd like to think that a markedly better captain should be able to defeat a markedly better ship.
  8. I do believe that if a ship on fire takes sustained damage that it encourages the fire to continue.
  9. Beautiful work Minnow, will definitely watch closely!
  10. Agreed; it's now too much of an insiders club. You get some folks who farm their way into massively superior mods that kick the snot out of those of us who do something besides PVP. It's not like PVP needed additional motivation, and now that it's necessary it means incidental PVP'ers (coast guard members who will jump on enemies in friendly waters) are potently undergunned.
  11. If only as a historically thematic word change, I dig it.
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