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  1. That's solved it I think @Ink thanks very much for your help!! 👍🙂
  2. @InkIt said something about 1 file failed to be validated and will be reacquired or something like that.
  3. Hi Ink, I've tried both of them processes and unfortunately neither have worked, I'm still getting the spinning ships wheel of doom on the loading screen.
  4. Any luck with finding the issue? Still wouldn’t let me play last night. 😞
  5. Hi, sent report its NAS-1354270
  6. It's NAS-1353887.
  7. Erm I don't think I have any antivirus stuff on my laptop. You mean like my internet could be blocking it? I'm on virgin media and it's not done it before.
  8. I'm stuck on the player log in screen, just getting the spinning ships wheel of doom after selecting my player. That's on both war and peace servers.
  9. Also stuck on loading....
  10. I got the Loki Rune thing after fighting and NPC elite Essex, the icon for it is what looks a bit like a jesters head. I opened it in port and it instantly chucked me into a battle on a badly damaged French Trinco against a Pirate Victory which had just sunk a Frigate. It had no repairs on board and was just about floating, I ran out of range of the Victory then exited the battle thinking it might drop me somewhere random on the map but it just put me back in port where I was before. In my eyes all a bit pointless really.....
  11. Don't know if it's just my laptop that does this but I'm sick of repeatedly double tapping 'A' or 'D' for full rudder and it not locking on. Could we not just have the option of being able to use 'Ctrl+A' to lock the rudder over fully? Also said before about using the arrow keys to quickly change view from port to starboard or bow to stern etc, annoying in battle scrolling round then right clicking and ending up looking in the wrong direction.
  12. Can we have the crew and fleet ship allocation bigger? (or get rid of the fleet perk) Just reached Rear Admiral and it's 1100 and 3 ships, doesn't allow for a very big sized fleet, especially when you have NPC fleets sailing round with 12 ship of the line that you have no hope of being able to challenge.
  13. Would like to be able to jump to another ship in your fleet and take control if your original ship is sunk or captured, rather than have to sit and watch the battle on the map while your NPC fleet blunders through the rest of the battle. Also a bit more control of said NPC fleet, being able to tell your ships to de-crew, board, stand off or close action.
  14. Just another question without starting a new topic, do NPC defenses no longer fire on opposition ships while fighting close to ports? Was in a battle last night and the ship I was fighting sailed past one of my friendly forts give it a broadside and received nothing in reply... I have tried searching the forum but couldn't find the information.
  15. Well I nearly lost the plot when I logged on before, entered the OW and there was no sign at all of the shipwreck and the icon had gone from the map! Thought I would leave it over night in the hope that some goodies would appear in the wreck. The laptop nearly went flying across the room when there was no wreck, anyway as I sat there thinking what to do/where to go my fishing icon flashed and I got sealed bottle, don't know if this was totally random or it had been placed in that location by the developers. It's a good job it appeared because I think I would of just logged off and not bothered with the game again!!
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