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    Fun PVE for everyone?!

    @admin Why not create an environment for people in the community to contribute assets and scripts? Have a forum section for people to submit ideas. Other people who like the idea can sign up to contribute to that idea. Stipulate that for a submission to be considered it has to be demonstrated to be working in an old test version of the game, and assets/scripts optimised/scripted with respect to current game assets/scripts. Also stipulate that contributions must be submitted under a creative commons zero mark license. There is no promise contributions will be added to the game. There are no guarentees that people will contribute. The worst case scenario is that someone somewhere learns some 3D modelling/scripting skills. Personally, I would be happy to give up some time on weekends to work on this.
  2. Sir Bacon

    Experience Points (XPs)

    Something like a diverse, MMO-style skill tree:
  3. This suggestion is an attempt to offer solutions to the problems of integrating new players, map size versus population and more localised content. 1. Character creation & tutorial area Midshipman missions only. Midshipman AI only. No rare spawns. PvP disabled. Buildings disabled. Sealed bottle disabled. 2. Stretching your legs Ensign, Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant missions only. Ensign, Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant AI only. No Rare spawns. PvP disabled. Shipyards, Workshops disabled. Sealed bottle disabled. 3. Into the fray Lieutenant Commander and Master and Commander missions only. Lieutenant Commander and Master and Commander AI only. Level 1 rare spawns. Nation PvP. Level 1 shipyard only. 4. Proving grounds Post Captain and Flag Captain missions only. Master and Commander, Post Captain and Flag Captain AI only. Level 2 rare spawns. Nation PvP. 5. Raise your flag Commodore and Rear Admiral missions only. Flag Captain, Commodore and Rear Admiral AI only. Level 3 rare spawns. Nation PvP. 6. Events Server event area (Sunken fleet. Holiday specific?) Commodore and Rear Admiral AI only. Level 4 rare spawns. Free for all clan PvP Comments on areas Areas 1 and 2 offer a safe place for new players to learn the ropes and restrict the map to areas 3+ for veteran players who want to progress, craft and PvP. Area 3+ is where the game begins properly. Some content restrictions to area 3 shifts the bulk of experienced players to base out of areas 4 and 5. This creates a space for new and middling experienced players to get to grips with PvP and crafting, particuarly along the border of areas 2 and 3. Majority of content is therefore in areas 4+ to incentivise veteran players to spend the majority of their time competing in these areas. Veteran players can venture in to area 3 for pvp, but leave their valuable area 4 and 5 assets vulnerable to attack. Each area would require at least one free town for players to operate from in the event that their nation cannot hold ports. The above can be replaced by having 1 permanent port for each nation in each area. Area capitals could function as the guide for players to move on. "We have no more missions for you here. Travel to X." If areas 4 and 5 ever become too small as player count increases, area 3 could become "enhanced" losing its restrictions. Comments on economy An areas impact on economy should scale linearly. Areas 1 and 2 should have little to no impact on the economy, with area 5 containing the most valuable resources (Spices!). To encourage trading/traders, area capitals could demand resources, offering a higher price for specific goods. This could vary daily. Comments on rare spawn content Ships of the appropriate level spawn and despawn within their respective areas. A small percentage of the time a rare ship type can spawn. This rare ship has enhanced stats increasing its difficulty, but if defeated draws loot from a unique loot table. Items from this loot table are only available via this method. Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 rare loot tables should offer items of increasing value, 4 being the highest. For those that venture in to the free for all clan PvP area 6 is the chance of finding the best lootable items in the game. Comments on trader AI Trader AI are unrestricted by area. Comments on nations Nations would need to be redistributed. Area nation capitals would be one solution.
  4. Why not remove the first and second rate ships and diversify the third rates into 64-74-80 gun ships? The 1783-1801 British Navy ship list contains: Third rates of 80 guns Caesar Foudroyant Third rates of 74 guns (Large Class) Mars Centaur Plantagenet Courageux Kent Ajax Bulwark Revenge Milford Colossus Warspite Third rates of 74 guns (Middling Class) Conqueror Superb Achilles Northumberland Renown Spencer Third rates of 74 guns (Common Class) Brunswick Dragon Albion Hero Illustrious Fame Sceptre Repulse Eagle Swiftsure Invincible Minden Third rates of 64 guns York Ardent Monmouth Agincourt Lancaster Captured Pompee (France 80 guns) Juste (France 80 guns) Sans Pareil (France 80 guns) Impetueux (France 78 guns) Le Tigre (France 80 guns) Belleisle (France 74 guns) Overyssel (Netherlands 64 guns) Zealand (Netherlands 64 guns) Dordrecht (Netherlands 64 guns) Prince Frederick (Netherlands 64 guns) Admiral De Vries (Netherlands 68 guns) Haarlem (Netherlands 64 guns) Wassenar (Netherlands 64 guns) L'Hercule (France 84 guns) Canopus (France 80 guns) Tonnant (France 80 guns) Spartiate (France 80 guns) Donegal (France 76 guns) Leyden (Netherlands 68 guns) Texel (Netherlands 64 guns) Genereux (France 74 guns) Malta (France 84 guns) Athenienne (France 64 guns) San Antonio (France, ex-Spain 74 guns)
  5. amen ----- It doesn't make any sense to me that a single player can build all ships (or all cannons, or hold up to 5 resource buildings). One player with 2 accounts can pretty much have it all. To me this seems like it has a big impact on the economy and co-operation between players. Why do ports not have shipyards and shipwrights (or foundry) that players contribute resources to that then produce ships (or cannons, or craft goods, modules etc) in an automated way? New player example: KPR has a shipyard that can make up to 5th rate ships New player puts in request for a teak/teak Cerberus. Build requires x resources and y labour New player travels around collecting resources to contribute to build Grind is reduced as I don't need to grind up to a point that I can start working on my goal, I can work on my goal by playing the game in a varied manner Combat missions for gold OW sailing for resources/trading Experienced player sees new players build in queue and contributes x or y If I don't have a clan/friends I'm still not working on my own Clan example: Clan owns port Port has shipyward upgraded to produce 1st rates, with n construction slots Clan officers set ship production order up to n ships Clan contributes x and y to shipyward, either specific builds or as general build stock Shipyard outputs ships from production line over time Clan officers assign ships to player, or player ID can be assigned to a specific production.
  6. Sir Bacon

    ingame combatnews chat

    This would be a welcome change.
  7. Sir Bacon

    Grind discussion

    Combat Missions I can have 3 missions total, but I have to select one at a time. Click > Scroll to rank > hit Ok > repeat. Missions are a random distance from port. Some are closer than others thus more desirable to reduce sail time to get to them. If the combat mission is far or awkwardly placed I cancel and repeat above. This process could be more friendly for the player. One example, if I am in port A I generate 3 missions with one click & the missions are near port A, not nearby ports B,C,D, etc.
  8. 1) PVP immunity in capital region 2) Captal region only offers combat missions up to rank 3 3) No buildings can be constructed in capital region Creates a safezone for new players and encourages branching out to fight for space and resources on the map.
  9. Sir Bacon

    tweak shipcosts

    Ship costs are a little high across the board and detract from what the game is about.