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  1. There are paintings by Henry Williams (born 1792) of HMS Endymion and USS President at the Williams museum website, they show 5 window and 6 window variants of Endymion's stern: https://www.williamsmuseum.org/henry-williams-.
  2. Overall, the biggest overall issue is that the staysails as they are on many ships in the game would foul with other rigging if they were fitted that way in real life. Please consult Harlands Seamanship In the Age of Sail: To see which rigs would and would not foul.
  3. L'Ocean: Same problems with the staysails between the mast: Here is a sail plan as a guideline: Nole the lowest staysail between the masts would only be used in storms as otherwise it would foul the waist.
  4. HMS Victory, reduce the size of the flying jib. If it was as big as it is in the game, it would snap the flying-jibboom
  5. Bucentaure: Same problem with the staysails between the mast. The cut of the two outer jibs should follow the rake of the jib-boom
  6. Bellona: Same problems with the staysails between the masts. The cut of the foot outermost jib followed the rake of the jibboom and was not parallel to the water like the other two.
  7. 3rd Rate: Same problem with staysails between masts: It closely resembles British notions of elegance, but the stripes are unlikely to have been painted that way. The only change needed is to paint the gunwale( which is the lower half of the upper yellow band) black. The black band between the yellow then becoming the lower yellow band and the rest below that black. That is if indeed this is meant to represent a generic British 3rd rate.
  8. On Wasa, delete the lowest staysail between the masts, It would only be used in extreme weather with the rest of the sails down, in ordinary conditions, it would foul in the waist (where the majority of the ship's rigging was handled)
  9. Agamemnon has the same problems with the staysails between the masts
  10. Ingermaland has the same problem with the staysails between the masts
  11. Delete the spritsail and a spanker topsail and add skysails. (The Anatomy of the Ship 44-gun Frigate Consitution, has a note that square skysail yards on fiddled royal masts were ordered for the big 44-gun ships in 1807 by Joshua Humphreys. The rig with triangular skysails is based on a painting from 1803, either way, it had skysails, and they were probably square) This is the sailmakers' plan from 1815: Also delete the upper half of the gunport lids, pictures from 1812 of all American ships, including the one above, only show the lower half of the gunport lids.
  12. HMS Indefatigable: Add a full body figurehead painted white. Rearrange the foresails sails to delete the innermost jib (the one from the fore fighting top to the middle of the bowsprit)and have the head of the outermost jib lead to the main topmast crosstrees, not the top of the topgallant. Make the staysail between the main and foremost be in the same place as the in-game HMS Surprise. The way they are on the Indefatigable in-game right now would cause the lower staysail rigging to foul in the waist and the one above that to foul with the main topmast preventer-stay in real
  13. HMS Trincomalee. The in-game version shows her as she appears today with an elliptical stern. This was only added to the ship in 1845 when she was converted to a corvette. As built, she would have looked exactly like the Lacedaemonian (ship of the same Leda class) model. Her sail plan circa 1817 would have had royal sails and gaff rigged trysails, and probably(although not certainly) not include a spritsail exactly like the Dryad model. We are fortunate to have such detailed models built around 1820 in the Greenwich National Maritime Museum, as making Trincomalee look like what she was in 181
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