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  1. Dead In The Red

    Loosing repairs after disconnect

    Just happend to me I F11 it. Was in a fight had demasted one of the other Surpris Mast and had little to no damage to me. BOMB I get DCed. I was turning so I guess it keep turning. Got back into game and found out I'm stuck in irons with almost all my mast gone and than figure OK I gotten out of worse. Go to punch the sail repair and bang this is what I get. ALL MY REPAIRS ARE MISSING. I had 21 Hull Repairs and over 30 something Rig Repairs on my ship. I keep this for battles close to Mort so I can keep my speed up. I used one rig repair early in battle when we where exchanged chain shots but I should still have enough for two more chain repairs. Now he's got me dead in water and going to sink/capture me cause of your broken game. Gone all mods, cannons and hard work. thanks devs. At least with repairs I would of had a chance to maybe get back into the fight and turn the tables. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/838081272094691447/E4C4C1817CEF47D7D9995570CF219E4C772F600A/ GB player confirmed I still had 20ish Hull repairs and 13 sails repair in cargo. He said he will add a screen shot from his side.
  2. Dead In The Red

    PVP2 - Kill Board - March Madness - Open to All - Prizes

    If we want to do things like MVP and POOR GUY THAT GOT SUNK alot rewards than I'll donate some GUNBOATS as side prizes since I think I'm pretty much the only active player on PvP2 that can make them other than one or two guys. I also plan to one of the weekends this month to do the Gunboat/Cutter wars small boats. I would like to say if we do that those kills can be added to the list for all those that join. I'll post more later this week.
  3. Dead In The Red

    Regional "Trims"

    Thanks good to know. Still would of been interesting if it was an OW only trait that would be good for trade ships.
  4. Any word on the new patch for the ship crafting stuff? Just hit level 50 so ready for any change and would be nice if we got a little more detail what those changes might be. Some folks have stopped building ships expecting them to be useless soon.
  5. Dead In The Red

    Regional "Trims"

    When I first saw it, I thought it would be for something like OW speed not in battle. Since it's called Explorer.