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  1. That's what I would think because my rig can handle stuff like Total War Three Kingdoms... but again, it depends on the optimization. What's the current refund policy for Ultimate Admiral?
  2. So I have a i5 and a Nividia GTX 960M, would I be able to run Ultimate Admiral? I"m asking because I loved civil war and would love to get into the EA but I obviously don't want to buy it if my current setup can't handle it.
  3. ... Um, I personally like William Rosecrans because while Rosecrans screwed up at Chickamauga, the war of maneuver he employed against Bragg in the Tullahoma campaign was freaking crazy good. That being said... I would like to say Ulysses Grant as my second which brings me to my question... why do people seem to not like Grant that much? I mean he got a lot of men killed, but he ultimately cornered Lee and took Vicksburg. His presidential record is ... crap, but as a general he was pretty solid.
  4. Wow, uh thanks sir! And thank you again for bringing this awesome game to us :)
  5. You should advance just a biiiit. Past that fence near the southeast of your starting position, there's a line of trees. Stick like 3 brigades in there and advance onto the point from that way, while making sure not to get flanked and staying in the trees. Assuming you got good arty and good infantry, you should be good.
  6. I really want an Ultimate General Civil War 2 as expanded above or an Ultimate General Napoleon... but you know what would be really cool? Ultimate General: Lord of the Rings or Ultimate General: Game of Thrones. XD You art a minor lord. Assemble thy army, gain access to more regions and then finally become the general or mashal in charge of the defense of Gondor or Kings Landing. XD
  7. There are two stages to the Union Strategy... well okay 3. 1. Throw the 3 stars and 2 stars into a 5 x 2500 men 1 x 15 art brigade into the 1st division that contacts your enemy. You need to hold the Crossroads as HAARRRD as possible and that means the BEST MEN. Just focus on holding and maintaining a cordon. Employ skirmishers to cover your flanks and use cover/fortifications only when necesssary. 2. Assuming you hold your position, you'll get taken to the 2nd stage where you are fighting to hold a series of points in the forest. Only hold the points you need. This should be quite easy due to available fortifications. Just cluster your men around the points you need to defend. 3. I've been using an exploit for Cold Harbour that is... well terrible, but useful. Victory conditions actually mean that you ONLY NEED TO TAKE THE CONFEDERATE FAR RIGHT, which is by the map border and it has a big weakness. Take 2 (Maaaaybe 3) of your best divisions and approach. As you approach, CLIIIIIIIING to the bottom map border and outflank the Confederate far right fortifications. To prevent your own brigades from being outflanked, face a brigade or 2 to the enemy to protect your other brigades edge-clinging into position. Once you're ready, assault, 4 brigades, perhaps 6, in two columns, moving slowly and then charging at the last minute. This will hard-crack the confederate far right which b/c you've outflanked their fortifications, will allow you to roll them off. As soon as you've done so. Stop.
  8. Actually not quite. It IS window dressing, but more randomized and realistic. 1. Yes, but different. You're not going to face a horde of skirmishers or troops with great rifles as soon as you equip your army with good rifles. you might face a larger army with meh rifles. Or a smaller army with good rifles. What it does is it equates equipment and number of both armies to a "battle rating" and then scales by modifying at random, one of those factors (equipment, men etc). 2. Mm hmm. But only if you lose far less men then they do. This is b/c now it works by a "pool" system. At random, the AI gets reinforced between battles (by either men, equipment or etc. you can tell by reading battle reports/intelligence reports). You don't know exactly what they're equipped with and don't know if they'll match you equipment for equipment but you do know an aaaapppoximate (within 5k margin of error) how much TOTAL troops they have at their disposal. The AI can choose to deploy some of this pool to the smaller battles, (within a certain limit of course) or like a real general, deploy em all at the grand battles. You can reduce this pool to decrease the overall number of AI reinforcements, but they will still get reinforced by some rando number to improve their battle rating to match your army. 3. Unsure. I only played Medium. I assume so, but it should be difficult. 4. The experience of the brigades is another thing modified or changed between battles as the AI gets a random # of reinforcements in men, equipment or veterans. Ultimately, what happens with scaling is that you are being scaled against an equivalent army, but you don't know exactly the composition of it. Thus, surprisingly, they've actually made the reconnaissance skill quite valuable because now you have SOME info, but it's enough to tell you you don't have the full picture and thus you probably want more to figure out what they've got.
  9. Damn i'm fresh out of luck, turns out that it's MY laptop and the particular Graphics card it has that does not support shadowplay desktop capture.
  10. Welp nvm, might be b/c the 960M version doesn't have desktop capture due to me having laptop
  11. Speaking of using shadowplay... i don't know how you can do this b/c UG:CW isn't a supported game and Shadowplay refuses to capture unsupported games
  12. That's what I don't get, I put it on Game Capture and selected UGCW application. But all I got was the volume and then just a black screen I'll try Nvidia shadowplay
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