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  1. Hi british mates and PB enemies (in this case HRE), I just want to say some short personal remarks: a) I attended the PB at "Port au Prince" as a single Royal member yesterday - it was my first real PB also...(usually I am more a trader or Screener) therefore it was a very nice fight and experience for me and, as I heard in the aftermath, for all other GB participants, c) as an unexperienced PB player it is very useful to recap / revaluate this PB on the videostream from Redii - thanks for that and all other who usually stream and post PB in the Forum. d) thanks also to Redii that he is speaking german very well ( ) - as an native german speaker it is easier for me to understand the opposite side of the battle and see where the mistakes from our side could be found - e) I am looking forward for the next one...and it was also a pleasure to be with AHOY, sruPL Jister, and all other GB players... f) sruPL - next time we make two Lines directly and hit the enemy like Nelson at Trafalgar...on the other hand no PB is the same... Thanks again to you. Lord C Sharadon - Head of SCRAP - Sharadon's Caribean Rapid Artificial Procurement
  2. Lord C Sharadon remark on the post from Dan-Nor HCE Rikard Frederiksen... Roleplay on... We, Lord C. Sharadon, Founder and Head of the Sharadon's Caribean Rapid and Artificial Procurement Company (SCRAP) at Kingston/Port Royal can confirm that we had an encounter short before the Navalaction World Impressive Port Exchange (NF Wipe) took place very near to Port Morant, Jamaica, in GB waters. Aware of potential threats we send a captain in Mercury out for reconaissance and maybe collect wreck mission SE of Port Morant. Very soon we had the sighting of the above noted thread owner (Frederiksen) with 3 accompaning ships all in bigger class than our Mercury. We were informed that they would like to inspect our ship, we assumed a navigational error by this Dan-Nor Group and made clear that they were in british waters and I have to inspect them. There was no cooperation visible by them and we tried and hoped to get maybe some support from our national captains from nearby Port Morant. Beside the exchange of signals it came clear that the Dan-Nor ships were not willing to respect the british rules of sea and we were finally forced in a small fight with our under superior capabilities (4 against 1 Mercury). To beware our honor we fought until it was clear to see that we were overruled by the Dan-Nor sight of facts (yes ...finally we surrendered) We see this issue still not solved and we will support any british national activities to advise the above mentioned Dan-Nor squadron Leader that he was acting in totall y wrong way. We demand a fine of 50.000 Gold (1 Duration of Mercury) from them. The way of transfer can be negotiated. Role play off. :-) It is just a game and next time it will be different. But still I liked the action.
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