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  1. Kilo

    please get rid of the npcs

    I see that explains it.
  2. Kilo

    please get rid of the npcs

    No it wasn't. I dismasted plenty of times- even on long shots if enough damage was done. Not nostalgia - speak for yourself!
  3. Kilo

    please get rid of the npcs

    My fondest memories are of the trials. What really got people to stick around was waiting in the lobby as there were more and more accounts joining the game and people loved the larger battles. The damage model was great - I loved the ability to dismast ( with effort), the heaving seas and higher wind forces ( that have been absent from steam release) made it exhilarating. This was incentive to stick around and twiddle thumbs in lobby if you saw 100-300 online as player selected Trafalgars were possible. From the yacht to the 1st's all ships welcome was just pure fun. If we had a lobby to wait in and choose our battles I think would likely increase participation when word got around. Let players choose what kind of lobby they want to host and players the choice of whatever ships they want to bring or host their own. (Just an idea i have no clue what the devs intend besides a wows grind)
  4. Kilo

    Black Screen Crash please help

    A few months late but I had the same problem with Naval Action after reinstalling. With plenty of ram and GPU to go around I was stumped as my system had no issues with other games. I turned off the "full screen mode" option under options/graphics which puts you into windowed full-screen. Not a crash since. If playing this way isn't suitable the only thing I can think of is the game isn't meshing well with the monitor/in-game or gpu controlled resolutions.
  5. Well that's a downer. This was something I was truly hoping to experience again - even if just a gale with swells would have been fine. A big storm wasn't needed for the experience. At least we have an answer - no swells/rough weather in instances.
  6. I see someone has been doing lots of reading. : ) Very accurate and I agree with your thoughts if they were to be translated into action in game. A lower main/fore mast was absolutely huge and in reality a jury rig topmast took many hours of skilled men but in a game I can see one chance at a jury rig in a match and maybe a couple top-gallants if time (enemy) permitted. Good post. Making it harder for a full lower section demast would be conducive to play; making it more riskier perhaps for the demaster. Just my .02
  7. This is fantastic news - great work on all of the incoming changes. I'll be re-installing for sure next month.
  8. ahoy Macjimm, Steam tracks these numbers 24/7 all the way back to the OW launch a year ago. (Just hover your mouse over the green line in the grid) Enjoy: http://steamcharts.com/app/311310 - (For the game as a whole. I haven't seen any individual server breakdown but it does have a handy game comparison feature.)
  9. I do get it , Black Spawn. I'm not talking about Ant's review and I don't agree with it. My point is about the earlier statement made earlier by Ratline and Admin. Don't make my statement about something else, please, that's simple common sense. It's also common courtesy to expect a review with the final product and not to threaten future lack of content over it. Simply buying and testing this is support enough from the average user.
  10. "This review itself have already robbed the community of at least 1 new first rate or 2 third rates, just based on the number of up votes." You're initial reaction wasn't incorrect in regards to this clear statement. Why back down now, Ratline, unless this statement is made more clear and edited to reflect his second answer on mass reviews equaling increased revenue. As it stands in the first statement, he is referring to this one negative review affecting the entire community by it's wording and thus punishing everyone.
  11. Just out of pure curiosity - are you using a wireless keyboard/mouse, Harley? (both usb wireless here).
  12. I believe ya, Davidson. I've encountered the loss of steering control bug as well at critical junctures during some battles. Never on the Open World however, although lag steering can be present certainly. I usually regain control ( if it doesn't force a logout) after about 3 minutes. It reminds me of a USB Hub disconnect hack that i've heard being used in other competitive games. Anyways, if anyone interested uses windows 10 you can press Winkey+G before the battle ( built in windows fraps recorder); and try your luck at seeing if you can record the bug or possible exploit situation.
  13. Wow. Really Sorry you had that misfortune OP. Come back when you cooled off , lots of good peeps there to help ya as others mentioned. Don't let the tards win as that's what they want. That's damn cold though..
  14. I just had someone (same faction) do this near Port Morant. No response in chat, completely ignoring any contact. They are just deliberate trolls. He had no intent to board the trader and was aiming to just sink it ( firing at the waterline)after coming into my match about 3 mins in. Not sure if reporting will do anything with present mechanics. Frustrating loss of an hour of time for nothing due to someone's desire to grief. The trader ended up leaving the match and the player exited after blocking me from catching the trader by cutting me off repeatedly. Is there any remedy to this? * Edit : requested change: I would like to see the game use the same mechanic for capturing traders as missions. Either in a group (same faction) & only enemy players can enter your instance.