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  1. Cool. I can recreate the bug by disconnecting my internet. Reconnecting and then logging in as soon as it's connected. Don't know what causes that though.
  2. Yes. Does it have all the information you need?
  3. Did you get my report? Was finally able to send one successfully i think.
  4. You won't lose durability. the battle won't be counted. It's happened to me before.
  5. Can you guys have a look at this connection report and see what's wrong? Seems every time i log in after my connection times out Anything related to chat breaks. Repor numbert: NAS-231133
  6. You do not lose the ship during a battle when downtime hits. The battle is void and not counted.
  7. Do you lose your ship if you are in a battle and can not leave when downtime hits? Cause if so i just lost my best ship.
  9. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/guide/3FxFf7/the-budget-gaming-pc-600-
  10. so if we attacked at 18:00 and then attacked at 02:00 Doesn't that mean the port would be open again as 8 hours have passed ...
  11. Okay, I can't do anything involving router stuff because I run the game on a 4g phone tether. (bearing in mind it is easily doable as my connection runs up to 50Mb/s) Nothing else is using my connection. Seems to be a problem when timing out and reconnecting. (Ie using quit now instead of waiting)
  12. usually when I log in the chat doesn't show up. I have 0 friends online 0 clan members online and no one is talking at all which is a massive lie because i'm sat in team speak talking to the clan members. To fix this i have to log in over and over until it works. Is there any other way to fix this without having to log in over and over? This is what it looks like
  13. Can we have more of these? some of the things said are so ridiculous it makes me laugh,
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