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  1. Thanks for investigating the phantom capturer at La Navasse.  When you mention too much money in our account, how much should we keep in the system (CWH) and keep the balance? 

    Again thanks for your prompt action. 

  2. Just bought This Land. It looks fantastic so far. I really like the idea from the perspective of the North American Indian. 

    When will "this land" go to Steam, any opinions on how that will look?



    1. Ink


      Greetings Bubba,

      Thank you for the kind words, we hope you will enjoy the game!

      The game will go on Steam in this Autumn most likely, we cannot provide exact date yet.

  3. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the NA changes of late. The icons, NPC spawning, sailing mechanics and more are wonderful. I can speak for many of us in the our clan, and they too are pleased with what has changed so far. I have read some of the negative comments on the forums and I feel many of them just need to wait and see what other improvements you have in store before jumping to conclusions. Please pass along kudos to the other developers and thanks for a sailing sim worthy of it's salt. 



  4. I just wanted to thank you and the staff for such a wonderful game. I'm really enjoying the lastest patch/updates. The UI is looking great; I really like the little icons on trade items now. Nicely done. Please pass along my appreciation to the others behind the scenes. 


  5. What do you think of this idea? Is it doable?



  6. Last evening two of us outside Christiansted where engaged in battle, when his Ingermanland hit an enemy ship it shot up in the air and landed on its end eventually righting itself. I don't have an image capture but I thought you may want to know. 

    1. Ink


      Captain, please check personal message on the forum.

  7. I decided to post this message in your personal envelope; the post wipe version is amazing! I can't say enough how impressed I am with the overall improvements, not to say it is finished just that the developements are simply outstanding thus far. The game is at an all time great postition and I can pass along many positive remarks from the FPM clan on PvE. Thanks for developing, hearing and implementing many nice features. One of which is; the clan membership stayed intact saving us oodles of cash and time. You may have noticed that in the first 24 hours membership has increase significantly to 60 members total.  Thanks again!!


  8. If you ever need any help please feel free to ask. I'm not sure how I can help but nevertheless the offer is there. I'm elated that you have chosen to keep the PvE server and I'm sure that it will pay dividends back down the road. I think it is a very wise choice made from you and the staff. Thanks again! 



  9. Any new updates coming out. Haven't seen anything lately on the forums, just wondering about the crafting changes?

  10. Wondering when the New Map is coming.

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