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  1. 32 minutes ago, Teutonic said:


    then they would stop playing. I thought you wanted more people to fight, not less...

    The pop is already going down man, of course i want more people but when nothing is happening people get bored and leave. Seems like the plan now is to do nothing untill we're back to 300 then the devs will be forced to lower BR. Sounds like a joke but at this point i wouldn't surprised if its really not.

  2. 1 hour ago, Gregory Rainsborough said:

    Peace has descended because of high BR port battles.



    29 minutes ago, Immersive Ganking said:

    Nice to see Russians realizing their mistakes. It's a first step.


    9 minutes ago, Georg Fromm said:

    If a game that is planned for years, after two to three months by an active nation is brought to failure, then it is my view more a system error and not the fault of the players.


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  3. Ive been having the same issue i think. Game randomly crashes to desktop and i can only get as far as loading open world/port screen before it crashes again. Stays like that for at least 5 mins regardless of how many attempts i make to get back in.

  4. 3 hours ago, sam121252 said:

    this is so enjoyable to read 

    Its not as fun as the old "Spain is dead" thread from early 2016. Back in the glory days where the forum rules were not clearly defined and no one had warnings, and back when i could call GB the zerg, and frame arguements/insults accordingly.

  5. 41 minutes ago, troody said:

    false russians are easy to trigger :D

    all false russians have to do to trigger you is exist in the russian nation 😎

    anyways ive got a wedding this weekend and i come home to a hometown festival (drunken shit show) i wont be around this pit of scum and villiany so the candy asses will probably retake the thread, enjoy.

  6. 22 minutes ago, vazco said:

    Russia is not a carebear nation. It's just a zerg.

    Sure, you can stay. Just then it's good you realize that your actions very likely will be bad for the server, and that this is a reason why you're a target of a coalition.

    Thats low energy trolling, you're killin me smalls. Plus i just figured our aggressive expansion got too high after we took Ponce, the coalition formed, and HAVOC triggered it before we could core.

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  7. 1 hour ago, vazco said:

    We never even had full L'Ocean fleet of 25 players in Denmark, not counting player experience. REDS Russia has 3 from what we saw :) 


    We're not crying. We're making coalitions :) 


    Shipyard rights are not a problem. 100k+ dubs is a bit overblown request though. Many clans already moved, it's not that bad.

    Lvl 3 shipyard alone is what? 85k dubs? Plus workshop and forge at the least, not to mention millions for resources and hours upon hours of hauling shit and mindlessly farming. All that for what? To run away from the biggest gathering of carebears (HAVOC alliance+ Reverse) in NA history? I choose war. I choose....FUN.


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  8. 22 minutes ago, vazco said:

    To make it easier for you, if HAVOC was on REDS position now, we'd leave Russia right away. Maybe you should ask youselves:



    Let me solve it for you. If REDS leaves Russia, or numbers of RvR players are balanced again, coalition can dissolve. If that's your only worry, and not just a false excuse, let's get to negotiating table and make it happen :) 

    Vazco you are so full of self-righteous horse shit it is unbelieveable, dont ever change. Also thats a stale meme, its been used extensively by WO. If someone just ups and gives me 100k+ dubs and shipyard rights id consider moving, but atm how things are and me not having any alts to abuse the system to farm shit makes switching nations a death sentence for my will to continue playing this game, and something tells me im not the only one in that predicament by a long shot. The whole concept of port bonuses and the time sink that came with them has completely changed the dynamics of rvr and switching nations, and the cons outweigh the pros imho.

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