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  1. 6 hours ago, Mouth of Sauron said:

    A screen of all green fireships.

    Thats what i figured when i saw the vics lol.  I enjoyed watching rediii's stream vid...

    Sam foaming at the mouth: "what a bunch of fking losers"

    Somebody in the channel: "we would do the same thing"


  2. 14 hours ago, admin said:


    This is what will happen

    • New content expansions (like new campaigns like operations in CS, or new professions or maps) 

    .... new maps should not be paid dlc. Id rather pay for ships/cosmetics in order to make (potential) new maps free for everyone. Defeats the purpose if only 10% of the pop has access to a new map. -IMHO-

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Bryan Von Gyldenloeve said:

    You have no life?

    At 5:49 AM after a 12 hour night shift?  Circumstantially correct. How does your statement reflect upon the Karens who have been collectively losing their minds here over every change for the last 4 years and yet still log in to 5+ alt accounts plus their main every day? 

  4. This game is 9.89/10, the players are rubbish though. Would be 10/10 if they brought back small battles and did weekly trafalgar events but perfection is an elusive animal.

  5. 58 minutes ago, admin said:

    No damage. 
    First they untied our hands. Second we have not seen any negative effect on sales. 

    we do not allow those videos on this forum - they are monetized and each time you click - outrage merchants make money. 

    Fair enough

  6. Review bombs from salty armchair developers pissed that they got ignored

    has already done far more damage..... but i agree for the most part with what you're trying to say @Teutonic. Just remember, shit like the hostility "exploit" and most other so called exploits can work both ways for any given faction, and are often used by everyone, not just the nation everyone likes to bitch about.

  7. 14 hours ago, Bryan Von Gyldenloeve said:

    So Russia 5 % think that would give the rest like

    GB 4%
    VP 4%
    Rest nation 4%
    Didn’t know when had some many bots in the game to pump up the numbers. Guess they for some reason don’t count in population. Maybe you can get devs to pump more bots in to Russia to help you.

    it was a joke.

  8. Alliances, whether between clans or nations, allowing multi national port battle participation is the only way to move forward without asking admin to take 4 steps back in development. Thinking a civil war mechanic, no matter how awesome it might be when used as intended, wont be abused by alts at some point is lunacy. Paid DLC forged papers and port investments closed the door on the player base for mobility between nations, i highly doubt it was unintentional. This was all said many times when most of the people who commented here in this thread demanded REDS break up and switch nations "for the sake of the game"Just read @rediii 's post from the first page and ask yourself if you're willing to put that kind of time and effort in for uncertain returns. Alliances and allies in PBs allows balance of power without balance of population which is unattainable in the current iteration of the game.

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  9. 58 minutes ago, Teutonic said:

    I mean honestly WO is on the right track.

    you get bored of a game, bored of the timezone that ends up avoiding you and bored that everyone around you isn't doing anything...

    you decide to play another game for more enjoyment. simple. I think a lot of players more recently are starting to trend towards it too.

    recent Russian RvR has made at least a chunk of players I know decide it isn't worth continuing - and I'm not blaming Russia, but if russia still wants food to farm they should consider splitting up.

    Its really is important to note the different dynamics between US tz and EU tz. US tz has been at low playerbase for years. While i dont necessarily think VCO switching to russia was a good thing, it didnt make it impossible for US tz swedes and dutch and brits to fight each other. If people really want rvr its right there, but they dont. I dont care, ive had almost 4 years of good fun in this game. I feel bad for the newer players who probably get told not to even bother or are actively held back from rvr by veteran clan leadership.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Immersive Ganking said:

    Sounds like the Dutch actually have fun while you waste your time in empty port battles :D

    Dutch have fun sinking trader brigs. Russia takes ports. Dutch whine about russia having too many ports. Russia says attack some ports and take them. Dutch go back to sinking trader brigs and complaining. Dutch lose players slowly due to boredom from utter national inactivity. Dutch blame Russia for killing player base. Status quo.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Mascarino said:

    That's to compensate his lack of skill. 

    If thats the case there's very little skill to be found in NA nowadays. They should switch back to 2 reps per battle system so i can rip on all the shitters that will cry bloody murder on the forums when they find out they cant just play like an asshole and then print a new ship.

  12. The bonuses themselves aren't the whole problem. Clan ownership of ports has completely destroyed the viability of starting new clans or moving them en mass to a new nation, which in many ways is the #1 factor, (paid forged papers DLC being a necessity purchase instead of being available without further investment into the game being a close #2) which leads to rvr stagnation and the inability for nations to either grow OR get smaller. There was always massive periodic population shifts from player driven wars/events in-game in the past which were instrumental in breaking up population blobs that naturally occur from time to time. Think of the small but steady flow and occasional deluge of players moving between nations as a healthy cardiovascular system keeping multiple aspects game fresh for players. There are alot of things that can, should,  and have been put behind a paywall. Swapping nations was not one of them imho. Just wanted to throw in another perspective.

  13. Ive found (no idea if its factual) that if you sail close to shore you get crap fish and very very very rarely a bottle. When sailing far from shore where you get fish worth 5 or 10 or 20 provisions when broken down i seem to get bottles more frequently but idk if that has any correlation with bottle drop chance.

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