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  1. 3 minutes ago, Licinio Chiavari said:

    Indeed the mix of 0.0x and x% notfication is an old issue... generating a lot of confusion (like the real % of what repair bonus is).

    Surely a "standardization" should be highly advisable.

    About the aiming book... so NA-map API are wrong? how can they be wrong (and this is not the only example)? weird.

    Im at work atm for 2 more hours but i could have sworn i saw a .4 for the "aiming" book when i looted it. Ill double check when i get back.

  2. 36 minutes ago, Licinio Chiavari said:

    On NA-map aiming book is 0.5%... down from 10% reduced dispersion.

    The point as in this case or as per NHR buff it's looking as the changes has been done missing any vision on where arrive.

    IF the plan is reducing modding influence on ship performances... without harshly cutting down port upgrades (not to remember they will kill any usefulness of DLCs) and reducing wood stat influence we are still well afar from the result.

    IF the plan is giving more viable options... I do not see how and where, granted that speed mods (aside Clock and Quadrants slighly nerfed) and repairing mods (as said, N.Carpenters and Expert ones) got even a buff (both NHR and Copper Plating), so looking ending up even buffing the old speed+kiting+infinite repair perpetual meta.

    I dont really dig into any of this but in the game's descriptions 5% would be .05 and 50% would be .5, or am i mistaken? The percentage being based off of a set original value, so seeing a 1 (1.0) would be a 100% bonus which would double whatever the original value was, kind of like the old shooting book and old versions of marines. Just looking for clarification on this not trying to argue dev motivations.

  3. 23 minutes ago, Flinch said:

    It seems since all the mods were nerfed that nothing feels particularly too strong.

    However navy hull refit is over 3% speed which blows other speed buffs out of the water.

    Aiming mods didnt really need any nerf, they didnt accomplish much before.

    I could be wrong, i didnt give it more than a passing glance, but i think they buffed aiming. Before, if i remember correctly it was a 10% buff and now its .4 so 40%? Once again im not positive but if it is 40% thats huge. If its actually .04 then i agree idk why you'd nerf that.

    Edit: im referring to the aiming book knowledge disregard if not relevant to the discussion.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    "You guys..." Careful there, don't be stereotyping anyone, that wouldn't be fair. And I don't think anyone would criticize me for not speaking my mind, so why would I think they don't know exactly what I express? I express it here just as I express it anywhere.

    Oh, my bad, im just an "apologist" eating my shit sandwich, dont mind me 😆

  5. 7 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    It's just a turn of phrase, don't read too much into it. :P I don't think Naval Action is a shit sandwich either, otherwise I wouldn't be putting time (and money) into updating the Wiki and providing feedback like I do.  But I don't think it's productive to go about stroking the developers egos either when there are poor decisions being made. We invested in the game and so we should take some pride in trying to make it better through honest critique.  That's my opinion.

    Do you really think they are unaware of 90% of what you guys say they are? Honestly i agree with some of your critiques but the volume at which they are posted and verbal delivery of them on the forum clouds alot of the messages you try to get across. 

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  6. 47 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    What I find disturbing is how some people on the forum take a critique of the game or its development trajectory as a personal affront, or license to berate the people giving the feedback.  Very few of us are saying to any of you as players, "Hey buddy, you're eating a shit sandwich, you're disgusting!"  Instead, we're saying, "Hey guys, we're eating a shit sandwich here, maybe we should expect some meat and cheese?!"  

    If you're happy with your sandwich that's fine.. express your opinions as to why. But we're all entitled to our opinions as long as you're making them from an informed standpoint and not from one of utter ignorance.

    Not everyone likens playing this game to eating a shit sandwich. The game isn't perfect, there's stuff id like to see added or removed, but at the end of the day constant bitching, accusations, and finger pointing wont get anything done. Spamming your opinions and "critiques" non stop on the forums and then accusing other people of trying to suppress your own opinion when they tell you to stfu doesn't mean your opinions are worth more or less than anyone else's, it just means you are annoying as hell. We get it, you're disgruntled and you think things should have been handled differently, just don't pretend like you're under attack all the time when you essentially shit on a product that many people still enjoy. 

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  7. 22 minutes ago, Wraith said:

     the Russians as a whole have fought precious few "meaningful" port battles (whatever that means to you) after zerging their way across the map post-wipe and blanketing themselves in port bonus ships. 

    But I'm not here to measure epeens, my point was purely that those who play the game should have the right to an opinion on it. If you disagree with that, I don't know what to do with you.

    Lmao i forgot, you probably wouldn't know what a meaningful PB is. I miss a ton of PBs because i cant always be online, and sure ive had shitty battles but im not nearly as inexperienced as you are when fighting competition that actually shoots back lol. You say your not here to measure "epeens" yet you're telling people they have no right to an opinion because of your (self assumed) superiority in experience. You're a world class ego maniac dude. Do yourself and everyone else on this forum (except your clan mates that have to bump the like button when you say dumb shit) a favor and recognize you aren't gods gift to Naval Action. Im ok with getting called a nobody in this game. You're just another nobody that plays when everyone sleeps and acts like a lord vicious without the skill on the forums.

  8. 16 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    Again, your reading comprehension is failing you. :) I specifically said I hadn't fought on the coastline, meaning the U.S. coast... I've been playing and testing plenty in other places, so yes.. I can say I'm qualified to critique any of the recent changes.

    You said that guy isn't qualified to comment on changes to the game because you haven't seen him in a PB or on the leaderboard, was just wondering what qualifies you to tell someone something like that? I dont think ive ever seen you on the leaderboard, or in a meaningful PB in years. Your ego is writing checks your deeds in-game cant afford.

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  9. 11 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    I mean, I assume you're playing since you feel qualified to talk about these changes yet I've not seen you on a PvP leaderboard or in a port battle since... maybe ever? But hey, you do you

    But you're "qualified" though right? 🤣

    7 hours ago, Wraith said:

    I haven't fought the coastline for quite some time, other than taking ports in battles that we thought were arranged to get the U.S. experience, even though they show up in a b.s. fleet


  10. 15 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    That said, when the vast majority of content of any game is tied to active players in the game.. then you damn well better be focused on mechanics and systems that generate and retain player numbers.. not ones which grind down and drive away your existing players. And that's the whole point.

    Honestly couldn't agree more, its just curious that you're saying this after care bearing with wo and "grinding down" the population of the in-game US nation for 1.5 years and bragging about it. Even now when everyone is hanging out around LT having fun, you still see VCO in combat news in front of charleston...

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  11. Reduce the maxed out bonuses by half or more and limit how many different ones you can build into any given ship.

    As teutonic said this is being worked on, we can only hope they get it right at this point.

  12. Constructive, classy criticism that ends with Wraith calling people holocaust deniers, sexists, ignorant and stupid? Right, keep trying lmao. You guys have had some good ideas but when you deal with criticism of your own ideas or being straight up ignored you come across as narcissistic, holier than thou jackasses. You have the right to your own opinion, thats a fact. You do not have immunity from judgement of your own reaction to criticism of those opinions. I certainly dont agree with all the recent changes but im still going to play the game, and when its not fun anymore ill stop. Its as simple as that. If you feel you need to get back at the devs or start some kind of coffee shop revolution on the forums, well then, you do you son. Just dont write absurd shit and act like snotty children that didnt get the new toy they wanted and not expect people to call you out for it.

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  13. 11 minutes ago, Severus Snape said:

    I fail to see why one wouldn’t expect input from the community on important decisions in an early access game that advertises “community driven development” on it’s main page.  

    You call it entitlement, we might call it basic customer service and accountability.   I don’t care about a wipe.  I’ve been a gamer long enough to deal with beta to release transitions.  I do however care about promises that we’re made and that have since been “revisited”. Folks bought extra accounts, DLCs and invested hours into a game under a certain degree of expectation and when that expectation changes without so much as a sorry, people should be upset.  If you don’t understand that...well I suppose that might be why you’re the guy telling wraith to “get a life bro”.  Sad.

    Lmao, whats sad is having to whine about your feelings being hurt because you didn't get a "sorry". But dont mind me continue with the salt bombs, its getting interesting. Oh and btw, reasonable input is one thing, demanding things be implemented, changed, or done a certain way (your way) and then throwing temper tantrums when they're not is quite another.

  14. 2 hours ago, Wraith said:

    Perhaps you need to revisit some lessons in reading comprehension and reflect on why you engage in knee jerk reactions to anything that happens to relate to a specific period in history that you'd like to deny happening out of discomfort alone, rather than facing up to the guidance you should be taking from them?

    This might be the cringiest thing ive seen yet from you, literally accusing someone who disagrees with you and labelling him what? A holocaust denier? I mean seriously, is this how VCO operates on the forum now? Is this how you plan to convince people to agree with your ideas?

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  15. Whats funny is the majority of wraith's and your own "arguements" are basically just incessant bitching and then calling whoever disagrees with your opinions ignorant, stupid, or in this case, sexist...? I mean seriously, have you guys really convinced yourselves that because you bought dlc and the game and willingly played it for years, that you are entitled to direct control over major decisions regarding development? Misguided entitlement has been your MO for months now, get over it and "grow up kiddos".


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