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  1. @Citoyen "Raiders pick 2 poorest ports in 2 random regions and try to take them back from players " Sauf qu'il est très clair que nos ports n'étaient pas les seuls dans ce cas là. D'où ma demande d'une réponse claire, nette et précise sur la mécanique de désignation des ports. Que les devs ne soient pas francophones, soit. Il y a en revanche des personnes en charge du canal francophone sur ce forum, qui sont supposées faire l'interface entre les joueurs francophones et les devs non francophones, afin d'apporter des réponses aux questions.
  2. Pas forcément le temps de développer les ports attaqués, San Andrés, attaqué au bout de deux semaines, St François, au bout de trois semaines, San Lazaro, 17 jours, et justement j'y étais presque arrivé ce matin même pour commencer à y investir, Mandinga, je crois que c'était au bout de 10 jours...Alors que d'autres ports dans le secteur ne rapportent rien eux non plus.
  3. Et encore un port attaqué aujourd'hui, et un autre demain, pour mon clan. Sinon, il serait possible d'avoir une réponse, accessoirement?
  4. Bonjour, Je suis membre du clan 7EC sur le serveur PVE, et nous, ainsi qu'un autre clan, CCGFR, voyons nos ports attaqués presque chaque jour (hier deux en même temps à 40 minutes d'intervalle), depuis un moment déjà. Pourtant, cela ne devrait pas être aussi récurrent, si l'on se fie aux déclarations des patchnotes. Serait-il possible d'avoir des informations claires, précises et détaillées quant au mode de désignation des ports attaqués par les "raiders", et une petite explication sur le fait que nos deux clans sont les cibles presque uniques de ces attaques pour la nation Fran
  5. Hello, I have lost a gold l'Océan, live oak/ white oak, very sturdy with port bonuses, navy guns at the 3 upper decks, and 42pd bloomefieds in a battle due to a repair bug in port. I had a "D" for "damage" while in port, repaired "for 0 reals", then leaved the port. Once in battle, my ship was still half destroyed and i could'nt leave the battle. I would be very grateful if i could have it back, please. I don't have any specific screenshot of that ship, unfortunately, only an old screenshot that shows i owned a gold l'Océan.
  6. Hi, i'm not sure to understand correctly a thing: is it allowed for other nations players to enter a hostility order to help another clan taking a port against another clan? For exemple, a Swedish clan asking for help other nations to win a hostility order against a british clan?
  7. Ce message est surtout un coup de gueule contre votre système de loot. C'est insupportable, ce système pourri. En plus, les navires font obstruction pour qu'on loot pas les navires coulés, en entrant en collision si besoin. Franchement, c'est ultra gonflant, si le but est de nous faire perdre du temps, c'est réussi, bravo. Et c'est pas la "dérive" à venir pour le loot qui me rassure, clairement. Augmenter la zone dans laquelle on peut loot, c'est si dur? Ou nous laisser mettre une chaloupe à la mer? Et augmenter le temps durant lequel on peut loot. Sérieux...
  8. Can you please give a link to what admin said please? I haven't seen anything on the forums since last week. And if something new has been said on pvp 1, well, how are we suppose to know it if we don't play on pvp1 ?
  9. Pve Server. Maybe keep the race, but whith that title, so people trying to get a chest know it is a race. What i would really like to see is a teamwork event, maybe not having to do it with a big fleet, just 3-4 warships, with the possibility to take a chest for each player participating. And since it is not that easy to group in the pve server, maybe allow us to groupe with the current allies until a new vote renews or changes the allied country. It would really be nice, cause we are talking all together, no national competition.
  10. First, i must say i'm grateful for keeping us aware and sharing info again, things were getting tense before in both sides, and i hope it will release the pression. I'd like to know when we can hope to see more significant changes on the PvE server, because on that side it remains a race, with more possibility to get something, but still a race. Maybe some players will enjoy it, but i don't know if it will be that fun. To follow in that direction, do you have any idea of when we could see some pve things, at least pve oriented, maybe even PvE specific like npc being aggressive as befor
  11. Do you have an estimated timeline for this, please? Just to know.
  12. I'm not sure if i understand correctly. Where will we see AI fleets? Because if it is when attacking a player, on the PvE server it is going to be a race again, with just a limitation on how many chests one player can carry. (sorry, i'm a pve player only, and tend to speak only about the pve server).
  13. You're right, the are not enough pure PVE threads, but i think this is mainly because the content of the game is the same for both pvp and pve, with just the pvp features deactivated on the pve server. My guess is, if there were some particular features for the pve server, we would react by creating some "PVE - title of the thread" kinf of threads. Since all changes applies on all servers, we react on threads regarding the changes on the already created threads to avoid flooding the forums, but doing so, our comments are lost in the ocean of pvp comments.
  14. I admit there is not a lot of players on PVE server, but yes, we did notice it is down...Thanks Ledinis. But we can understand that it is down for a good reason. Thanks Admin for letting us know.
  15. I don't know LeBoiteux, but it is the first time i see the OW so empty. I've been speaking of it on the global channel yesterday when i noticed this, and people were saying the same thing, some NPC, but a lot less than usual. I use to play at night (French here) and i have never seen that before. Maybe some players have been hunting every fleet and ship like crazy, but i find it hard to believe (i can be wrong of course).
  16. To Septimius Severus, i've been travelling along the coast all the way from Guanica to Plymouth because i found it strange to not see more ships on the OW, and haven't seen much. Only the 7 i talked about. When i reached the area of Roseau, i've seen more npc, but far less than usual. About the PVP vs PVE, why should i have to choose between the two, if the PVE server is supposed to have enough content to play? PVP does not fit with the time i have to play, and i don't like it that much. I really think there was a problem that night, i was not the only one to notice this.
  17. Hello, Sailing tonight from La Mona to Plymouth, and the ocean is empty, i have only seen 7 NPC during the journey, and i don't think everything is going right about it Apologies for my bad english. Anarcke
  18. @ Poison Regarding the fact of sharing the NA account, i think there is no problem, sharing a character however is a completely different thing. Be unable to create two characters (or more) on the same server can allow to share the NA account, without sharing a character, and with no possibility of exploit.
  19. No they should'nt, because there is also a PvE server, 1.5x or any other fix for all plz
  20. The ships are linked with you account. If you have a character, you'll receive the ships. After that, you can delete your character, create another, as long as you don't redeem the ships they'll stay avalaible,on the PvE or PvP server.
  21. You can redeem a yacht every couple of days, on PvP or PvE server i think. It is linked to your account.
  22. There is a long maintenance on the PvP server, but you should be able to log in the PvE server in a moment. And you can create your character, if you don't redeem the ships, you wiil be able to redeem them in the PvP server later, even with a new character/
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