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  1. Anarcke

    Loot timer on sinking ships

    Maybe a mechanic like in x3 could be a good idea. You were able to send drones (small boats here) to retrieve containers in space (could be floating debris in Naval Action). Maybe clicking could give informations on it (is it a chest or a barrel?) so you have an idea of what loot can be in it.
  2. Anarcke

    Will there be more PvE content?

    +1 Some time ago (months?) we had a post saying in the next months we may have more PvE content, but i have see no more information about it. Maybe it is time to make an update on that point.
  3. Anarcke

    PvE Server Open World Info display

    A year ago, some ships had an aggressive behaviour. It was nice, because sometimes you didn't need to run after the ships. For the information display, particularly about ships/ fleet, once you know how many and what ships are in a fleet, you don't need to see the BR to know if you should run ou fight.
  4. Anarcke

    Test event changes.

    Can you please give a link to what admin said please? I haven't seen anything on the forums since last week. And if something new has been said on pvp 1, well, how are we suppose to know it if we don't play on pvp1 ?
  5. I think the sealed bottles drop rate has been increased a little. Am i right?
  6. Anarcke

    Test event changes.

    Pve Server. Maybe keep the race, but whith that title, so people trying to get a chest know it is a race. What i would really like to see is a teamwork event, maybe not having to do it with a big fleet, just 3-4 warships, with the possibility to take a chest for each player participating. And since it is not that easy to group in the pve server, maybe allow us to groupe with the current allies until a new vote renews or changes the allied country. It would really be nice, cause we are talking all together, no national competition.
  7. I had no problem at all to figure where the event will pop. We know it is far from land, so there was only the Aves area, or north of Codrington/ Island Harbour. I was 99% sure it would be near Aves, because all nations had equal chances to reach the wrecks at the same time. I wen't on site on time, but couldn't loot because i was...AFK. So nothing more to had about it. It seems that all the wrecks were looted as fast as thoe other times, but at least with BP drop.
  8. Anarcke

    Test event changes.

    First, i must say i'm grateful for keeping us aware and sharing info again, things were getting tense before in both sides, and i hope it will release the pression. I'd like to know when we can hope to see more significant changes on the PvE server, because on that side it remains a race, with more possibility to get something, but still a race. Maybe some players will enjoy it, but i don't know if it will be that fun. To follow in that direction, do you have any idea of when we could see some pve things, at least pve oriented, maybe even PvE specific like npc being aggressive as before. i would like like that kind of things, because i enjoy the game, but being a pve player only, i feel something is missing sometimes.
  9. So what is the point of having a PvE server? And, what soulhd you say is something that isn't what you want is implemented in the pvp server, be it PvE oriented or not? You would "burn it in flame" (don't know if that's the saying), like every time a non pvp oriented thing is done. I'm just talking for the pve server, so i don't understand why you do even care, if you play pvp.
  10. Anarcke

    Test event changes.

    Do you have an estimated timeline for this, please? Just to know.
  11. Anarcke

    Test event changes.

    I'm not sure if i understand correctly. Where will we see AI fleets? Because if it is when attacking a player, on the PvE server it is going to be a race again, with just a limitation on how many chests one player can carry. (sorry, i'm a pve player only, and tend to speak only about the pve server).
  12. That's because you're not a PvE player, and i am a PvE player. that's why i only ask it for the PvE server. i don't say "that thing is useless because i don't play that gamestyle". And i only ask to do so on the pve server, it would have no impact on the pvp. Why is there always denigration from a pvp player when a pve player ask for the pve server if something is do-able ? Edit: And i don't want the top upgrades. i'm more interested in BP's and labor contracts actually. And if possible the ability to craft all the upgrades, with maybe a lot more materials than usual to craft the best of them.
  13. Well you're right about the BP's for themselves. The other point is how the events can be implemented, what rewards can make the players participate in the events, how it can be balanced, those kinds of thing, before the release. That's why i'm ok with the rarity of BP's, but much less with the actual way for getting them. As testers, we "have" to test the events too, and if there where only paints as rewards, then maybe we would'nt see so much people participating.
  14. I'm ok with the fact that some BP's might be hard to come by, it was so in february when you had to craft a lot of ships in order to have a real chance of getting a BP (such as the renomée, and navy brig, at the time). My concern is more for the pve server, since we have no pvp, we have less chances to get a rare BP. Maybe it could be some events, maybe it couls be after wining a battle against a challenging npc fleet (based on the BR difference for example to define how challenging it is). I hope you see what i mean. Note that i'm not speaking for the PvP side of the game, since i'm a PvE player only. I know that some things can't be applied to the pvp servers because it would ruin the game, that's why i'm asking if we can hope to see different "rules" or contents for the PvE. I really believe it could attract new players, wich want to play on a more relaxed, casual or i don't know what way.
  15. Maybe limiting to 3 chests on the pvp servers could be a good compromise, it would allow players already having one to attack other players in order to get more chests, and maybe become an incentive for pvp. Just a guessing, i may very well be wrong. If chests are obtained in pvp battles like port battles, maybe the best player can have 2-3 as a reward, the second 2 chests, and the third 1 chest. Maybe it does not have to be "deadman's chests" but another kind of reward with the same kind of loot. What i'm curious to know is what is planned for the pve servers, since the pvp players will have several ways to obtain those chests. As said in this thread, it could be a good thing to add some pve "specific" content ingame and in the forums, or alternative ways to interact with the already ingame content, that better fits with a pve gameplay. Could be allowing an aggressive behaviour from npc warships, like before, or more things in that way. I understand that pvp players don't like it, but in the pve side, it was a good thing imo. I may even attract some new players that are more pve oriented, and be good for the "game life" in general.