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  1. thank you for a swift response and i hope something comes from it thank you. exactly.
  2. im waiting for someone to pay homage to the news and suggest 'Boaty Mc Boatface' , oh wait i just did although i would probably go for HMS indomitable or something
  3. Hi all. i am writing this post to ask for a pve dedicated forum topic for the reasons below and more I started playing my naval career on the PvP 1 server but over time i have migrated to the peace and quiet of the pve server with the aim to consider going back to the pvp at a later date when more features have been added in. from my time on both servers i have noticed that certain features changed on the pvp servers can massively impact the pve server and yet when us pve players voice our concerns we inevitably get drowned out by all the pvp players. this may not be intentional but it happ
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