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  1. I have the same issue which I dont have in i.e. archeage, black desert online or any others like world of ..... games. Fan's running on max all time.
  2. Fire single shots, at least in the start of your game. Its sometimes easier to cope with the influence of wind/speed then. Wait with the full salve until ure quite close.
  3. hi. Im working further with initial topic without the previous limitations previously mentioned. I am about 75% into finish. Base finished and tested. Adjusting for diffrent windcoarses and shiptypes atm. If some of you could post here, the time to turn sailyarns full turn (from one side to the other), of the square rigged ships, would be a great help as I dont have access to other than Snow atm. tks
  4. I will try to see how the timing needed to reach next sector acts at diffrent speeds of ship using same type of ship. If that timing can be calculated, according to the timing delays/timing speedup ill just add a factor to timing(pause) to reach next 45 deg sector This needs a function ,reporting acctual ship speed and wind direction ,which you input when u feel. Voiceattack will then try to sail circular with theese new inputs. Using speed, all kind of influence of damages,sails ups/downs, woodtypes, will allready be included so no need to include those. I hope(?) (ship upgrades? i dont dare think about it yet). Voiceattack will then calculate new factorvalue and waiting time until wind direction for next sector ia reached. i.e. from 45-90 degs. This is at present time, ony valid if executed at start/end of one of thee 8 sectors. My motivation got an increase. Please feel free to comment/perhaps suggestions for this new part of manual shipturning idea
  5. hi, thanks. After some replies,I see now there are some issues, that may be too large hinder to achieve,stable timing Ill give it some days of final thoughts regarding using speed as a factor in calculating timing, but at present it seemes not reliable to achieve. I'll probably glue 2 strips,showing yard positions and their keyboard keys controls and glue one at left and one at right side of my screen border for the 2 possible turn directions.
  6. Agree to that, several topics could bring the timing out of focus . Except for some of us with injuries, voice attack is most welcome. Alternative would be not beeing able to play at all. regards
  7. hello. I think I said in my posting...assuming full sails , should perhaps been changed to.... max speed for the initial wind direction. Under this condition, it acctually works, for the 45 degrees turning) I didnt show the full voiceattack function for total turn (I've tested it allready ingame). Youre right about the change in speed However if max speed has been achieved for the given initial wind direction, it will work not changing speed during turn.(maintain full sails). As I will have timings for diffrent ships, I might pick single commands, whith fitted timing that suits change of speed. Doing this I need to input actual speed too to the voiceattack command. I.E. if current speed changes to 4knot, Ill use timing pattern for another ship with this speed at correct wind direction. i.e. using parts of timepattern for a large ship for a small,faster ship not on its max speed. But this is just a fair thought atm.) I could perhaps use a factor which influences the calculations in turn timings, that Ill see after collecting info from diffrent ships. If the last gets too heavy, I just use current goal for manual turning where I wont change speed during turn. I think, In many situations, You would use max sails/speed to achieve good turning(?). If You have any suggestions regarding use of speed factor, please tell regards
  8. hi. INTENTION : I'm looking into the manual turning of square rigged ships by using VOICEATTACK application. Using this app, You can give order by your voice to be executed for Your ship. GOAL: I want to be able to turn ship larboard or starboard from (at start) 8 fixed given wind directions, from (N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW - 0,45,90,135,180,225,270,315) CURRENT LIMITS: Ships need full speed entering turn AND not changeing speed during turn(full sails). FUNCTIONS : Doing this with following command syntax: "DIRECTION TO TURN, PRESENT WIND DIRECTION", before start turning. SOME SAIL POSITONS ACCORDING TO WIND DIRECTIONS,TURNING LARBOARD (left) : (foresail first, main/mizzan 2.nd) 0 45 \ / 90 / -- 135 / \ 180 / -- 225 / \ 270 -- \ 315 \ / 360 -- / SOME SAIL POSITONS ACCORDING TO WIND DIRECTIONS,TURNING STARBOARD (right) : (foresail first, main/mizzan 2.nd) 0 45 / \ 90 -- / 135 \ / 180 \ -- 225 \ / 270 \ -- 315 / \ 360 -- \ Turning, moving backwards will have own voiceatttack commands for 360 deg. wind direction, including turn of rudder. So far assuming full sails up in the above directions. (Currently without any ship upgrades installed). COLLECTED DATA FROM SHIP TYPES: (servers did go down before I could collect more informations), NAVAL BRIG: Time to turn sailyard from 0 to max positon (Q,E,Z,C): 5 seconds Initial wind direction: 45degs Current speed at this direction: 5 knot Full 360 turn with autoskipper, no upgrades: 80 seconds Full 360 turn with manual skipper, no upgrades: 60 seconds As the 8 sailyard positons are fixed one should get even better results moving theese "seemlessly", which would be next step. LINK, showing turn: will be posted when servers goes up again. Example of VOICEATTACK function turning a Naval Brig 45 degrees larboard, wind from NW (45 degrees),full sails : Start VoiceAttack listening Say, 'turning larboard' (confirmation that ure acctually in this function) Press A key and hold for 0.064 seconds and release Pause 0.128 seconds Press A key and hold for 0.048 seconds and release (this and above doubletaps keyboard letter A which turns rudder) Press down E key (start turning foremast yard clockwise) Pause 0.016 seconds Press down Z key (start turning main/mizzand-mast yard anticlockwise) Pause 4.784 seconds (hold down E and Z key for 4.784 secondsl to yield full turn of yards) Release E key (stop turning foremast yard) Pause 0.08 seconds Release Z key (stop turning main/mizzan mast yard) Pause 6 seconds (waitout 6 seconds to reach wind from EAST, 90 degrees) Say, 'end 90'(just for timing testout) Stop VoiceAttack listening Ill publish voiceattack commands (funtions) regularly when achieved needed informations, for each shiptype. If You want to help collecting informations, please answer tthis post by following: Ship type. i.e. Brig : Time to turn 360 degrees in autoskipper, full sails, initial wind from NE (45degs): Time to move yard from 0 to full positon: Thank you in advance regards
  9. hi. Im using voice attack myself (due to injury). So fare Ive managed to control total 180 degrees turn using manual sailing, changeing yards each 45 degrees turn for a Naval brig. This is a save of 10 seconds thowards an autoskipper for a 180deg turn ,start wind from NE,turning away from wind (left and startspeed 5knots (max sails up). Im setting the QE and ZC by measuring full time and half time it takes to set positons of yards which is 5 seconds from 0 to max for the naval brig. I will make single commands using wind from 8 directions in step of 45 degs, (0-45-90.....). Asuming max sails up. and thereafter put them together according to from where tthe wind arrives. When steady coarse is wanted, the turning is interrupted, autoskipper enabled and rudder neutralized, with another command. Example of command: Starboard135, meaning turn starboard, present wind direction from 135 degrees (SE). I lack the max speed regarding 7 wind directions to make (and thereby measure or calculate the time it takes to turn 45 degs from each wind direction. Heres a link that may show some manouvres and commands (voice) to use, if u dont allready have them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6DZIvMZWzQ Wish You fair winds regards
  10. hello. For those who remember POTBS, who doesnt, the echo system was, at release, excellent. As a trader,builder You were never out of work (until they made it free to play and other stupidities) and You did good earnings too. Few things Ive noticed about NA as a beginner in Danish territory: 1) Captains at sea can hire ships to their disposal. What if we could hire trade assistants and command them to journey ports to achieve market prices? Either that or shorten the teleport time btwn outposts or perhaps make it dynamicly dependant of distance you wanna teleport? 2) Doing some traderuns, only 2-3 objects in 3-4 ports gave enough earnings to justify the travels btwn them. All other object prices at market was close to static regarding resources in Danish territory. Suggestion:Bring in AI to make more dynamic into market unless this dont change after wipe 3) 1 trader with a trading Snow was able to switch an object from earnings to no earnings in buying. What will happen when even more player joins after wipe?. Suggestion: Increase total capacity of number of each object by 10-100 times 4) You earn no xp as trader or craftig. Suggestion: Set xp earnings for trading and crafting equal to what You might earn doing missions/boarding/sinking ships pr. hour. regards
  11. Thank You for comming release. Are there any further plans for the harvesting/crafting/processing part of game? If yes, could You kindly give some brief details? regards
  12. thank You. After reading, I wonder if the extremes in this game appreciate new peoples gets quite fast into the engames at all? And even stranger, extremes supported by the devs. Isn't it a good real life realism that allow you to bring hired ships with you? Why this complaining from extremes to realism,to then NOT go for hire? I can see the point of no hires in PortBattles due to programming/hardware challenges/limits but elsewhere.....no. Let the pvp attackers take the burdens of hired ships themselves if they dare attack others and dont put the burdens on newbies, like me who like to level up with satisfaction instead of unneccessary extreme ideas prolonging the levelling. regards
  13. Due to popular demand fleets were disabled for advanced ranks. You can only use fleets during first 3 ranks. Max AI fleet ship level is cutter Greetings. Im quite new to game, so I wonder if someone could explain to me why a reduction in hireing a ship and its type seemes so popular? As fare as I know, traders and others were partly backed by naval ships without any numbers or type, in real life. thank you regards
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