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  1. I have the same issue which I dont have in i.e. archeage, black desert online or any others like world of ..... games. Fan's running on max all time.
  2. hi, thanks. After some replies,I see now there are some issues, that may be too large hinder to achieve,stable timing Ill give it some days of final thoughts regarding using speed as a factor in calculating timing, but at present it seemes not reliable to achieve. I'll probably glue 2 strips,showing yard positions and their keyboard keys controls and glue one at left and one at right side of my screen border for the 2 possible turn directions.
  3. hi. Im using voice attack myself (due to injury). So fare Ive managed to control total 180 degrees turn using manual sailing, changeing yards each 45 degrees turn for a Naval brig. This is a save of 10 seconds thowards an autoskipper for a 180deg turn ,start wind from NE,turning away from wind (left and startspeed 5knots (max sails up). Im setting the QE and ZC by measuring full time and half time it takes to set positons of yards which is 5 seconds from 0 to max for the naval brig. I will make single commands using wind from 8 directions in step of 45 degs, (0-45-90.....).
  4. Thank You for comming release. Are there any further plans for the harvesting/crafting/processing part of game? If yes, could You kindly give some brief details? regards
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