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  1. So did you continued your work?? Mine is almost finished now
  2. Try looking at dutch ships i finf them the most buitifull of all. In game isnt a lot of choice right now... Xp Or you could take the biggest of all, trinidad.
  3. im happy for you youy saw that error then. I can see see u are a well skilled modeller. Can i ask how long did you worked on the hms prince. or more likely how long ago did you started it? And btw did you also made many plastic modells in your youth. ( well not that im not young anymore just over the 20's, but i started moddeling when i was like 12 or so...)
  4. hadn the same thing in my kit, i guess they put in different materials and parts in diffeent boxes?
  5. nice nice, i see it is a big enaugh model to be able to transform to a rc model , maybe this would become my next projetc
  6. could you link the kit aand neme of the ship bitte?
  7. You live in france oui? or dautchland? Because i would like to work on to it for a good price, because mine is almost done, just have to place the planks on the mast and rigging and its done, and i have another model but its bluenose , i am more interested in battleships
  8. di you made peace with your brass nails? i advanced a bit with my model http://imgur.com/a/CJN0x
  9. Use metal mins they thiner
  10. Yeah, best is to have a small 150g hammer and make a hole before hammering it in. But i was wondering, do u have to put nails on all the planks or do u need to reuse them for other parts? Otherwise its best to buy some metal pins with plastic top u kno what i mean they are far more eazy to handle and enter the wod more eazely.
  11. Hey koder! WAs passiert. I just wanted to know if you had continued building your frig. Just long time no see. I have paused a little after the picture i showed, i did cannons and rigging chains, then stop On the dhelve with u
  12. Hahah do people actually play this?
  13. Nice, i always wanted some like these for my tactical map . but in all the shops i only could find cheap ones that are so badly made
  14. i don't knw if its in the right topic but this can be inyteresting for the dev team. http://www.navaltales.de/
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