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  1. My view is that this is 'gaming the game' rather than playing the game. Obviously 'invisible' fleets of ships that suddenly appear of of bright clear skies an absurdity and not in the spirit of the game. Once found, such an exploit should be reported and not used again. Only those sad sacks who are desperate to win at all costs would continue to use such a gamey exploit.
  2. Yes. One of the things I really like about this game and these forums is that complaints are brought out into the open. Evidence and counter evidence can be presented. Opinions can be put forward and, most importantly, justice is done and SEEN to be done. A refreshing change. So post your screen shots, make your case and let the wheels of justice turn.
  3. Whatever 'reason' he had, and no matter how reasonable it sounds, the rules are clear. There is NO excuse for green on green attacks. It is up to the player to control his anger. Take it to tribunal, that's what it's for after all. What you don't do is shoot a team member.
  4. Wow, what did someone say to provoke that sort of language? Why was he calling someone toxic?
  5. It isn't a matter of it being hard for them to do so. They, some of them at least, just don't want to and you have yet to explain why they should. Ok, now that that is settled and now that I've established that because something is 'perceived' by an unspecified number of people (it could be just you for all we know) it isn't grounds for doing... anything. Why do YOU think that they should HAVE to make the information you want available? And why are you dancing around the question anyway, it's straight forward enough? Give a good enough reason and I'll be right there at your shoulder waving the flag of injustice and righteous rebellion with you.
  6. Well, I'm not poking fun at you' but I am waiting for you to answer my questions.
  7. Hey I played NF too The original version. Proud member of Britannia Fleet. Don't recall much in the way of moderation in the battles though. Within the fleets, yes. But in the arena, not so much. But anyway, you still haven't exactly given a reason. So there is a perceived bias? But by how many and for what reasons? That alone is not a reason, it is an assumption, a feeling. You really need more that a 'perception' to warrant the divulgence of personal information from the volunteer mods.
  8. This should be up to each individual Mod. My own opinion is that nobody NEEDS to know this information for a Mod to be able to do their job. If you are implying that there may be some bias due to Mods playing for a particular nationality on a particular server then you need to provide evidence for each particular Mod you are suspicious of. Publishing such information 'just because' is neither useful nor of benefit to the game overall. If you think otherwise, I would be curious to see your reasons. Rdited because 'curious' is a more accurate word than 'happy'
  9. Maybe. But if we are looking for evidence of you being shot by a team-mate, this isn't going to fill that requirement i'm afraid.
  10. Then... don't get yourself chat-banned. Simples.
  11. And not just new players. many players don't visit these forums and even of those who do, they would need to have read the specific thread in the specific forum.
  12. I have to admit that I am not familiar with particular publication sir.
  13. You would do such a thing without any evidence and just on your own suspicion? You, sir, are not a gentleman.
  14. Here you go: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3722-profanity-usage-in-game/
  15. Not all players visit the forums at all. How about an ingame 'noticeboard' at the 'chandler's shoppe' in each port? "Visit Spivey's Secondhand Classy Cutters at 4 The Hard Port Royal (Check the Gaol if closed)"
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