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  1. I'd like to see three changes. First, I'd like more weather/seas variety (storms, heavy to calm seas). Secondly, I'd like some sort of window, besides combat, that would give me the ability to practice sailing skills. Thirdly, I'd like to see bow waves and wakes during the fast travel. You've developed a great game. Thanks
  2. Speaking on this topic, I had a both interesting and disturbing experience yesterday. Setting sail from Bruswick, I spotted a U.S. brig with contraband by itself on a deserted sea. I immediately ran it down and attacked. In attack mode I searched a 360 degree and saw, to my surprise, four other ships wit the same idea. Well, I didn't mind sharing the spoils as pickings have bee sparse lately, so I continued my attack. By the first broadside the number of attackers had increased exponentially. Before I knew it the noise was thunderous and balls began to fill the air like a host of ping-pong bal
  3. I'd be happy with just a captain figure added to the quarterdeck and a crewman added on the tiller/wheel.
  4. I experienced the problem referred to earlier. I was sunk and was unable to exit the playing screen until the battle ended. Any ideas?
  5. Furfy and Wind, Thanks for your your help. It answered both my questions. jlan5031 aka Captain Wells
  6. I'm brand new sailor, and I'd like to select the transparent sails option. How do I access the Graphic Options window? I'd also how I'd access the window that shows how I've been shooting. I've searched the Forum but couldn't find anything. Thanks for any help.
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