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  1. Sorry I don't buy that. The under crew penalties I'm suffering aren't that severe, we are only talking about the difference in one rank after all and the offset in extra armour and cannons should even things out ( pretty much ), especially as I tend to run missions at my level or one below never above. Anyhow at the time there weren't any Suprise's around I could afford, so this is what I have. Like I said I don't have much money. Let me add some stats from a mission I just ran. I can't see the result of this being any different if I had been in a Surprise or Renomee either, in fact it could have been worse as they have less armour. This was a Lt Commander mission which pitted me against 1 snow and 1 mercury. Decided I needed to chain them a bit initially so I could separate them or at least stop them from running rings around me. Id say those very initial broad sides from the pair of them cost me 10 crew, that's half the mission money gone within 30 seconds. Skip forward a bit and I'm ahead of them with them at about 70% sails turning back and blasting them. Problem is ( and entirely possible this entire plan was stupid ) all my stern armour is gone cos they shoot with laser sights, This is costing me more crew, I pop a repair kit to try and mitigate this ( more £££ - ironically I very very rarely repair in battles it was only the need to try and protect the crew that made me do this now ). Anyway skip forward more. Gets a bit more close in and blastey as I'm trying to protect the stern more, they both get sunk. Id say apart from the stern I take about 10-15% armour damage on the rest of the ship. However I have lost 35 crew all told. Not sure how much of that was from the stern stuff and how much was just from general. As I did try to protect it as much as possible and then changed tactics when I could see long range running wasn't going to work. But here are the break down of post battle costs: Profit: 5000 Mission Complete 16806 Damage Done Loss: 1572 In Battle Repair Kit 1455 Post Battle Repairs 17500 Post Battle Crew Replace Overall Gain: 1279 Last double mission I did I'm pretty sure it was a similar scenario as well. Things would be different against one opponent obviously, I didn't run a mission against just one today yet as its early. That opponent would be individually stronger though so perhaps the crew loses would be still costly. But for someone with Average gear, with Average skills at an Average level 500g per crew seems excessive. Just one last thing, the entirety of my rubbish battle plan was based around not loosing crew not what was the best way to defeat these two opponents, and that was just because of cost.
  2. As someone who plays solo and mostly mission running / pve, and for whom 100k is generally a lot of money. I don't have a lot of time to play either, what with work and family commitments. Prices as they stand at the moment are pretty high for me. I'm a Master and Commander running in a Frigate, so slightly under crewed but nothing major. Just wanted to chip in and give this perspective. I haven't as of yet gotten around to making any of the healing kit things, will see how things play out once I can get the mats together for some medium ones. Cheers
  3. @Admin Hey. I might be being totally dense here but i dont understand your answer. Isnt the problem one of offense not defense? As i understand it the problem is that Player A and Player B of nation 1 are sailing along and Player A initiates an attack on a ship of nation 2 which drags Player B in unbidden. If the situation was reversed and Player A was Attacked by a Player of Nation 2 then both would and *should* be dragged into the battle instance to defend. Isnt it the defensive scenario being exploited you are talking about? not the offensive. Never played POTBS so i dont have experience of what you are talking about. Anyway. In regard to the general discussion.. What if in the open world menu as part of the GUI there was a button that was toggleable. Lets call it for arguements sake "Free Attack". If there was a tick a really BIG green tick over free attack then absolutly nothing changes from what the game is now ( set it like this as default ). If you clicked it though then there would be a really BIG red X. If there was the X then you never get dragged into another persons offensive instance. You could still do it manually should you wish but the game wouldnt do it for you. If a fellow national was attacked though you would still get dragged in to help defend. Would that not solve the problem?
  4. I think i would go with the something to do when sailing side of things. Even on a relatively short island hopping cruise its essentially dead time as far as the game itself is concerned. Not talking about when you are sailing about hunting for something more when you are explicitly travelling between two locations. The life of your ship itself is a neglected space in this game, would be nice to start filling it with something. Also i suspect that if you did do this there would be more flexibility to adjust travel speeds downwards. my two peneth anyhow
  5. 1 Pickle 1 Mercury blueprint. FYI cant build the merc yet though unfortunately
  6. For me the current method is very unrealistic.. the captain of the raiding ship wouldnt sail the captured ship back to port himself. He would put a prize crew on board. Im not sure why this curent method exists other than to stop people teleporting cargo around.
  7. Fair enough - but - given our in-game ranks are artificially limited by number of crew rather than the type of ship to be commanded ( if you get me ) wouldnt it be more sensible to lose 5 crew and put it firmly into the first lt camp when it comes to command. Anyway- just a thought... just seems odd for 5 crew.. 25-30 then fair enough.. but 5? /shrug
  8. Curious as to why the crew number of 155 was chosen for the Niagra? At First Lt you have a limit of 150 which means you are sailing it ( slightly ) undercrewed. But at Lt Commander you have a limit of 200 which means the ship is competing with the Cerberus which is a whole class up. Seems slightly strange to me. cheers
  9. I personally find this whole subject really amusing. Anyone who brings up this subject always gets shot down on these forums, but it keeps coming up on here and in the game chat. I wonder why. For a game which is all about realism etc not having a notion of where you are on the map is utter garbage. Do you all really think that during the Age of Sail people just left port and said "we ll just head north east and wing it." If that was good enough why was the invention of ever more accurate time pieces of such importance to facilitate the accurate calculation of longitude. I wholeheartedly agree that the notion of a super accurate gps style positioning system is out of character for the game. But. There absolutely needs to be a proper, well designed, period in-keeping system for tracking and calculating ones position on the map. This could be effected by time of day, weather, proximity to land and known landmarks. officer quality, modules who knows. There is also actually *no* exploring in this game. The map is all exposed and charted. Nowhere is there a big fog saying "here be dragons" there are only places that you as a player haven't gone to yet. Which for me only adds further weight to the argument that there should be some form of map locator. These guys would know where they were. Pretty much, give or take, assuming things had gone to plan type thing. As to the notion that with some sort of marking device we would lose the ability to get lost or such like I again disagree. Just because they "knew" where they were, doesn't mean to say that they were right. Put in place a system that the longer one is out of sight of land, every course change or speed modulation the more inaccurate the reading becomes.. then it becomes a simple interface problem to solve.. how to convey vagueness to a player in a way that is useful and yet not useful at the same time.
  10. It used to be a bit too much, but surely it could be cranked up a little. Not to the extent that every journey becomes an absolute pain but to the extent that if you see an enemy ship of the same sort of size you need to at least contemplate giving them a wide berth if you don't want a fight at that particular time and place.
  11. Just in case anyone reading this is in the same situation I was in... I ended up managing with Niagra til I managed to amass about 60k and then bought a basic NPC built Snow. In the end I wasn't able to overcome the penalty enough and decided to just fork out the cash even though it was just for one level. Without the penalty I have a ship that sails better, shoots faster ( even though its single reload output is lower per broadside ) - I don't know.. its just more fun I guess. Cheers
  12. Its all about balance. Even if it takes 100,000 xp to get to the max level if you break that up into small chunks with frequent access to new things it will *feel* very different to exactly the same amount of xp needed spaced into much larger chunks with less access to new things. This is especially important at the lower levels in a game. You need to hook people in and get them to commit, later on its not so important as they have already invested time and effort into the game. I believe if you loose someone from the lower levels you are likely never to get them back, its a critically important time.
  13. Brig or Snow - doesn't really matter ( I didn't notice they were the same crew - the end result is the same though. I have a Niagra I don't have either of them ) @LeeUk I didn't suggest changing the mechanic. In fact I explicitly didn't post this in the thread about the penalty being too high as that wasn't what I was interested in. I was after advice on how to offset the penalty using in game options that others may have thought about that I hadn't. Especially as the penalty would only last for a single level.
  14. Well if I was 50% under crewed then you would have a point.. but at around 80% I would say its worth investigating ways to reduce that down somewhat to what would be more reasonable levels of penalty. The positives of using this ship over the current yacht are huge. Given that I have it and don't have a Brig currently.
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