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  1. If you look at a picture of any 4th rate, there are 2 dedicated gun decks. Frigates have 1 dedicated gun deck. Although there is a 2nd row of guns, those are on the weather deck.
  2. I have read several people offering their services...do not know if anything came of it
  3. Well, that would explain it. From reading about RN, any ship with a post-captain in command became a 6th rate regardless of the size.
  4. That looks great. Interesting that they would re-class it to a frigate since it carried less guns than a 6th rate.
  5. I have read before that it carried 50 guns though I do not remember the source so numbers wise yes. However, it was still a single deck warship.
  6. I found these online somewhere a long time ago as I was getting into models...bought a bunch of supplies and paint but then ended up canceling as I got preoccupied with other stuff. Sounds like an interesting book though
  7. I think it would make for a good transition between 5th and 3rd rates as we only have a heavy frigate and a 74 at this time.
  8. Would you be so kind as to help devs get it in the game? That little ship looks great
  9. There you have me... as my knowledge on the subject is not as expansive. It does look a lot like a 3rd rate but did not 4th rates come around before 3rd rates became very popular? By the time of Napoleonic Wars, 4th rates were obsolete as SoL though still sailed into action, correct?
  10. So I posted this in another thread but it was carried away by different conversation. I think including more ships of class that we already have would be a good idea so we do not have several Trincs fighting each other. There were quite a few Leda-class frigates. Granted there were modifications but if we are unable to find the plans then we can just ignore the possibility of changes and use the same model with different names. Here is a list of ships http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leda-class_frigate#Ships_of_the_class
  11. These plans are for the 50 gun 4th rate. One of the plates states that it is a 50 gun ship. And if you count the ports, you will see that there are not enough of them for a 3rd rate.
  12. Na ryskom poisk ne polychaetsya tak kak tolko english na klaviatyre. Tak kak ya zakachivau ogromnoe kolichestvo kartinok v odno vremya, bistrii poisk na angliskom ne pokazal chto kto-libo zagryzil plan etogo korablya.
  13. Azov 74 guns 1826 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10714 yes, it is slightly outside but every so slightly Vostok 24 guns 1818 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vostok_%28sloop-of-war%29 Mercury 20 guns 1819 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_brig_Mercury Poltava 54 guns 1712 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_ship_of_the_line_Poltava_%281712%29 Goto Predestinatsia 58 guns 1700 - looking through forums found a topic relating to the reconstruction of it, which is awesome, but no plans. Russian forums should have a shipyard section as well for ease of
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