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  1. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    Thank you for the advise. There are several mistake in the model due to mine inexperienced, but I have studied a lot during the last months, I will apply what learned for the next model. This model will be a gift for my stepfather, but i want to rebuild the Unicorn in the future, after the Diana and the Alert, this time following the real ship plans and applying what I learned working on this model ship.
  2. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    Thank you very much Tom and Theuerdank, this is my first time with sails, so yours compliments are very welcome!
  3. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    Little update, new hammock net, topsail and topgallant.
  4. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    Little update, working to the sail, first time for me, need a lot of work but i like the result so far. .
  5. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    I did some 3D models for IL2 1946, but airplane only, sorry. Cant Z506 Cant Z1007 Fulmar
  6. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    Rigging done, what a nightmare .... New hammock, i will use this.
  7. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    @ Megiddo: the hammock are less haight than the rudder (rudder should be, plus or minus, haight as a man), so the red clothes can shoot above the hammock stowage. @Tom: I will try several size and material, actually is more like a double size hammock, there is space for a woman of easy virtue when the ship is in the port. Not sure admiralty would have appreciated it ....
  8. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    Really nice ship and model Tom. I think i will paint the next one, i like the "wood only" appearance, but colored looks more realistic. The Corel Unicorn is nice but is just a "generic ship of the era", there are too much inaccuracy to be called "historically correct". Yesterday i did the hammocks stowage and also tried to make some hammocks (too big, isn't it?)
  9. Aracno

    Questions to developers

    Is Trafalgar room enabled again?
  10. Aracno

    Trafalgar gathering

    Question for the dev, can you confirm that trafalgar room will be available again today?
  11. Aracno

    Favorite Ship

  12. Aracno

    Ship models anyone?

    @ Diceman: I did a plastic ship model when i was a little kid, but they are not so good as they are for airplane, tank, etc etc Wood models are expensive, both the kit and the already built models, the last very expensive when high quality. If I will do another one i will go for plans only, after all are the only thing you really need, all the wood, cannons, rigging, etc etc can be bought at cheaper price in a good model kit-shop. @ Allegra: Thanks mate.
  13. I have two problem. 1) rudder input, the game set all the orizontal with the same command, if you change it the problem disappear, but you need to reset manually every time you restart the game. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2870-new-patch-jan-14-bug/ 2) I have some flight simulator hardware (HOTAS, pedals, trim, etc etc), if i connect that harware the game see my mouse as a joystick in the input setting.
  14. Aracno

    New patch (jan 14) bug

    Remember to reset the input every time you restart the game .... I'm having trouble also with the FS hardware, if i connect that hardware the game see my mouse as a joystick ...
  15. Aracno

    New patch (jan 14) bug

    Well, the game reset the input setting every time i close the game.