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  1. yes that sounds like a plan as long as the minimum is like 10 players that can enter
  2. i agree,or let the defender decide what kind of PB it will be and how many players per side (with a minimum ofcourse)
  3. what about increasing profits gained when a port battle is won and just simply add the war company thing
  4. that way spain is the nation to play as no?
  5. there is no point of having a nation, just let War Companys be the new nation with their own color etc
  6. if a warband captuers a port nation should change to the warbands nation tbh tbh
  7. Mouse issue

    alright ill play no specs for now then atleast np, thanks for the reply Ink!
  8. Mouse issue

    Yeah i tried iT dis not really work, this was the response i got from liquidsky support: It seems that some game functionality is being blocked by Naval Action game servers if it is used on a streaming service.
  9. Mouse issue

    Yeah i did and they told me that the problem was proberly the virtual mouse becouse it can be seen as an aimbot of Some sort or cheat
  10. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    Well bovenwinds is actually dutch home waters so can we all agree we take it then?
  11. Mouse issue

    I have a problem using Liquidsky to run Naval Action. Everything works exept for the fact that i can't look around in open world. I press right mouse button and drag but nothing happens. The program uses a virtual mouse what might cause the problem. is there any way to fix this?