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  1. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    The reduced PVE is a good idea however not sure you will find many willing to part with that much PVP marks. Also there is no reward for spending that much time getting a PB set up. Why not simply borrow the idea form the PVP Zone and take missions for PB's that give PVP marks for damage the same way but using a separate tier for PB's. Alternatively, PB participants can be given a chest or something of value. Right now a port is a liability and not an asset except for a few choice ports. May explain lack of RVR - almost a thank you for taking a liability of your hands. The problem is that there is a limited number of players. If the reward is as good for PB as for the PVP zones then the PVP zones will die away.
  2. Maybe if you and your teammates brought your Maseratis(and had sufficient repairs for these) it would no longer be a suicide event ...
  3. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    I believe that the intent and purpose of the unlimited tows is not understood. I am suggesting that there be unlimited tows but only to the free port that is next to the pvp zone that day. Ship losses are much higher than in OW on account of the nature of the battles and the fact that you cannot exit. If you get on the wrong side of the battle, odds are you will end up losing your ship. If you used up your tow to get a ship there you have to buy a port one. Often there is little to no selection in port and people come out in junk ships which makes for a poor experience since you basically become cannon fodder. If there are unlimited tows to that free port for the day, people can bring out better ships. Also, often times we get clanmates that cannot participate as they used up their tow elsewhere. So unlimited tows will allow more participation and will allow repeat participation. For those who advocate sailing ships there, it is wishful thinking. Take the Tumbado pvp zone and French, Danish and Swedish players who mostly craft at their capitals. Do you really think that they will sail their ships 2-3 hours to the zone and repeat this if they get sunk. It will not happen and participation will be low. As for the repairs, there were none at Tumbado. Let's face it, no one will take out a good ship with no repairs. The player economy method is not capable of providing sufficient repairs as are required for the events. Furthermore, the cost is prohibitive for some and may discourage participation. Thus free ports should offer repairs during the day that the pvp event is adjacent to them. Lastly, ship quantity and selection should be improved. The events should be fun and easily accessible for all, which they are not atm. Implementing these changes will render them more accessible and increase participation and OW pvp for all. The rewards offered by pvp and the pvp missions are a very good improvement that should discourage any abuse.
  4. The pvp zones are proving to be a success in certain areas that are near capitals and popular spots like La Tortue and La Navasse. The pvp zone near Tumbado was less popular and there were less people there. I suspect one of the problems is getting ships and repairs there. There should be an unlimited number of tows to the free town beside the daily pvp zone to encourage participation. Also, Tortue, Tumbado and Aves should offer repairs the same way they are available in Shroud. This will further increase participation in the pvp zones.
  5. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Makes perfect sense and could not agree more
  6. Unequal battles

    Well then explain the following: Dwindling player numbers Lack of pvp (specially during north america times) Players staying in safe zones and not exiting unless they have 3 to 1 advantage. Try going to kpr or Charlestown during north america primetime Also, if I have a ship refitted with expensive mods I have a definite advantage over a player who has a ship with regular mods. Think speed, dps or armor. So, not all that ludicrous On further reflection, you are correct in stating that you need a ship and cannons to fight. Problem is players do not ask what I need to fight but rather what do I need to win or what do I believe I need to win. Unfortunately, the answer is usually a super expensive ship. Granted some pro players can win with a basic ship but that is not a reality for the majority of players (you can look at Hachiroku's duel posts to get more insight as to the effect of refits). If the player does not feel he can win, he will not engage. I feel the same way. There is no reward for losing and money does not replace your refits and mods. Now, do I wish do play with a basic vanilla ship. The answer is no and I believe most players are like me. So until we find a solution for players to get a ship they feel comfortable and confident fighting in and that can be easily, quickly and cheaply replaced in the event of a loss, pvp will be limited to ganks and surprise encounters or pbs.
  7. Unequal battles

    That would be worse since you can use F11 in battle to get an exact location
  8. Unequal battles

    A suggestion that may help with increasing pvp is making some books pvp only but with a system like with rank xp. To get art of ship you need to get 200 pvp xp (not by buying them) but by winning them in battles. This is offered only once so they cannot be traded repeatedly and would be learned immediately. This can be done for a number of books. Some books that are used in refits could be bought repeatedly (like treatise on square rigs). Give a small % of pvp xp even if you lose to encourage participation. This non tradable pvp xp account would be separate from the pvp marks.
  9. Unequal battles

    Good idea, this could be implement like a duel they had before wipe. Players could be matched with other player seeking same objective. Obviously ships can be lost but it would help.
  10. Unequal battles

    I agree with this. Sad reality of the game is that it is much more lucrative to do pve than pvp. I trade gunnery encyclopedia component books or book of 5 rings components for 4 VM each book. Not to mention all the other books, money and refits I get from pve. To put this in perspective, I can do lots of pb with my clan and take part in them, hope my nation is ranked in top 3 to maybe get 1-3 VM per week or, on the other side, do a few PVE missions and get a book to trade for almost 4 weeks of pb fights...
  11. Unequal battles

    I have more than 50 million atm. Money is useless in the game. Everyone has too much. I play for books, refits etc.
  12. Unequal battles

    What is the point of this. I will waste time and get nothing in return except to get sunk. No fun there Right. Now if I used my ships or do it with friends I win and get pvp. Much better
  13. Unequal battles

    Potentially, but you will want some refits on your ships and all of these cost money. The choice of the refit is up to the player but each refit will cost something. I highly doubt that any serious player will show up with a coles-bentick pump, a basic hull refit and a basic tackles refit when compared to other refits that you can get. BTW I use copper to catch others that are attempting to run away The point is, refitting a ship has a cost in money or time spent grinding and the cost of this reduces the incentive to stay and fight.
  14. Unequal battles

    First and foremost, you make ships and refits much cheaper to obtain. Here is an idea refit costs: Carta $3,000,000 Copper plating 2-3 million Navy hull or Navy structure - 10 pvp each Add price of ship - 1-9 million So you are looking at 5-15 million per ship. Grinding a good size fleet will net you $400k and takes 30 min or more. Doing math for the lower ships (4th rate with half decent mods) you need to do 10-12 grinding missions solo or invest 5 hours or so. End result, the replacement effort is immense. This has to change. Secondly, you have to convince players they can win the ganking which imo is very difficult or impossible if 3 or more v1
  15. Unequal battles

    Are you clicking on private chat in the player identification tag