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  1. Broke VM for top Nations

    All this will achieve is a series of empty pb
  2. Whaling

    and to add fun and challenge, we can have greenpeace ships interfere and try to sink us to protect the whales
  3. Milion dollar mods. AFFORDABLE! (If your in a clan?)

    The point that I am trying to make is that it takes a lot of grinding to replace a lost ship and the refits it has. That this discourages pvp and is detrimental to the game.
  4. Milion dollar mods. AFFORDABLE! (If your in a clan?)

    Whether in a clan or not, there is a problem with the costs of the refits and also their availability. The going rate for a carta refit is between 3-4 million. Add to that the cost of the other refits and you have a ship cost that can easily 6-7 million if not more. This is lots of grinding even at 500k per mission. During usa times, there are few players in ow. Numbers are up but most stay in the reinforcement zones or in port. This creates a problem for pvp marks but more importantly for the game as a whole. If I have to sail an hour to maybe get some pvp and an hour back this renders the game quite boring. We need to get ship prices down and then we will see more in ow. This is the same problem we had with fine woods. The wasa was a solution to this but has been removed so we are back to square one.
  5. Forts and ai

    Would it be possible to disable the ai from shooting at forts. They move close to the beach to shoot at towers and forts and get stuck on the beach and cannot get off the beach and renders it impossible to loot them without getting beached.
  6. I thank you for the explanations and corrections. If my understanding is correct then yes, the speedometer is misleading and it may be best to only indicate a single direction (ie. forward direction and speed) although this may not be entirely accurate.
  7. I am just going from your example. If I am incorrect then correct me. Banning me from forums would be a bit extreme no? BTW have you tried your ship when stuck on beach. If not try it and try to make sense of what is happening
  8. Please try with ship stuck on beach to see strange results. I try to tack and basically I go from -1 or more to +1 or more for slight change. Also it makes no sense since I sometimes end up going negative speed when facing downwind which should be impossible. Also, I get a +- 1 kn or more for a very slight variation 2-3 degrees. I believe your calculations do not take ship hull exposed to wind into account, it would be the only reason and may explain why at 90 degrees I can get a plus or minus depending what side of 90 I swing to. Also, is the speedometer a vector with long axis of ship and showing resulting force at front of ship?
  9. I presume you are assuming a leeway force of 2 that instantaneously changes from side to side with a force of 2. Leeway is defined as the amount of drift motion to leeward of an object floating in the water caused by the component of the wind vector that is perpendicular to the object’s forward motion. So if I am at 90 degrees to wind, leeway force should not move back and forth +2 -2. It should always be exerted on the same side of my ship. The wind direction does not follow my hull. So this needs to be addressed. Even if I was straight downwind, the area of my hull exposed to wind would be very small, so leeway effect would be very small as well. Right now leeway is pushing ship 2 knots in direction of wind irrespective of ship heading. It is a bit intense and unrealistic. What is more unrealistic is that the leeway force instantaneously switches to opposite side back and forth. It should not be ship speed plus leeway but be dependent on wind direction and area of hull exposed to wind. Also, pls do something about ai being drawn like magnets to beach.
  10. Hmm maybe they should add rip currents on beaches The beaches act as magnets for ai and if you get close you too are pulled in by these new "black holes"...
  11. The new sailing mechanics with leeway are completely screwed up when stuck in shallows. Ai ends up beached right away. You go from -1 to +1 know in split section and back and forth with no adjustment to heading. I get more sail force from leeway than from sails. When beached, leeway is so strong you cannot even tack into wind.
  12. Most of you seem to be missing the point here. What we need are players. I understand the style of game play Peiper wishes to play and it should be his choosing. Anyone believing that you can realistically purchase pvp marks or VM at a reasonable price are clearly delusional. Just look at the prices in the market. Also, for nations like Poland, Prussia and Russia, there is no real capital and no real shop where to buy these. I play mostly during north American times and there are basically two options for pvp. 1. join the gank at Tortue, where if you are not part of a group of 7-8 players you are an easy kill or sail endlessly to maybe find a lone trader or player to attack (which is becoming futile since most persons in nations like usa, gb etc.) stay in the reinforcement zones. The end result is that I most often get bored sailing around and finding nothing, I do 1 ow fleet and then do something else. Most of my friends that used to play this game no longer do for these reasons as well, so forming a group is very difficult. The lack of players for pvp killed global and it is happening here. Alienating players or being unrealistic in what they have to do to keep playing will keep alienating them until a select few remain. Clearly this is not the way to go. Instead of trying to impose a style of play, the focus should be put on fixing game mechanics that are broken such as the ability to wait in port and then exit to join a battle right. At Tortue, you tag a player, enter battle and then 6-7 join after. This is ridiculous and clearly broken game mechanic. You should be fighting those who are outside in ow and visible, not the hordes lurking in port.
  13. @adminYour VM system is flawed imo. Rewarding the largest 3 nations will only hinder game diversity. You added new nations a few months ago do you want to revert to only 3 nations? They are emerging but do not have the player base to field multiple pb fleets. Your suggestion of ganking up on one nation will only lead to the problem that global experienced and which lead to its demise, namely, it was whole server vs pirates with exploits by nations tagging each other etc. This lead to frustration and most pirates quitting or going to pvp eu. I know I was one of them and left with a few while a number of players just stopped playing. I understand your desire to increase rvr action. Limiting it to top 3 nations will render this next to impossible for new nations with low player bases. Also, with port timers system, north american players have to attack during eu times which makes it difficult to gather numbers for attackers when defenders can be at their top population level. This is an issue with no easy fix. Why do you not give a vm for each port battle that is successfully won or defended to each participant. This way all nations benefit, not the largest 3 and you increase rvr. For example, if you are in nation like Poland, Prussia Russia or some, there is no point doing pbs as you will never reach the top 3 positions since you can field at best 1 rvr fleet whereas other can field 3. The end result if that players will migrate to other nations further compounding the issue. If the amount of VM is too much then increase VM for ships and give more VM. Also, ships like wasa and hermione should also have the option of VM instead of only pvp marks. Some players do only RVR while others do only PVP and they should not be deprived of ships because of this. Your hope of having VM and PVP being traded is wishful thinking. Also, to level the playing field, increase the amount of books that go into refits. I have done a lot of grinding to open slots and you no longer get treatise on sailing, square rigs, saltpeter etc. These mods are used to make refits and drops should be increased to encourage their use and trade for PVP and VM. To illustrate the current issue, look at the books for sale in markets of each nation and you will notice an absence of any of these books. This should not be the case and it should not cost 4 million to get one of these books!
  14. @admin Will unlearnt books, unused ship refits, ship matts, rare mats (cartagena tar, swedish carpenters, diplôme de l'école d'artillerie etc), trade goods (versailles terracotta etc.), combat marks, pvp marks and victory points also be ported over as redeemables? Also it seems that not all will be ported, what specifically will not be ported over? Thank you
  15. I can read quite well. You have a double negative in your statement however. Lone Wolf is not an alt but my main and our alts are not used by alts to spy