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  1. I must agree. It just doesn't make sense. IMO the only good that can come from this change is that now at least Christendom will stop hello kittying spamming every damn thread of the forums with off-topic MERGE propaganda shouting.
  2. you you see no difference between 16h warning and no warning?
  3. so to combat nightflips you bring back timers, but at the same time allow hostility raising BEFORE the timers to immediately trigger PB's... Have you thought this trough? I will christen this mechanic the 'office-flip'.
  4. Why would lgv refit win boarding against a pfrig? Both have boarding bonusses and pfrig has 2 more slots... How much crew does a ventre refit have?
  5. i logged in at 10:42 thursday
  6. login lock out is 15m before DT at 10:45.
  7. Ah yes you are right. I'm sure it's not used at the end though, but i must have been mistaken about the beginning
  8. Nice, love the old newspaper style. Just wanted to say though that the 'long s' ,or 'f without crossbar', is only ever used when in the middle of a word. Never when it's the first or last letter of a word.
  9. Since patch today minimum number for buy order for a skill book is 10, instead of 1
  10. Normal ventre Seriously though, I've long thought LGV has too good of a sailing profile, especially when coupled with such a high speed.
  11. Get over it, calling you out for talking non-sense in a thread that has nothing to do with you is not an attack! You going around the forum posting your relentless swede bashing every chance you get can be considered harassment however...
  12. So even now you know that it was not our intention to schedule at that time you still call us cowards?