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Found 5 results

  1. Perk Calculator

    I made this Perk Calculator/Emulator, just to make an idea how your units will end. It could be helpful when deciding which Perks you want for a given Brigade. Ultimate_General_Civil_War_Perk_Emulator_v0.4.xlsm Usage: click the cells and chose options from a list. Feedback would be appreciated. I hope it helps.
  2. Ship Speed Calculator

    Last update 25/1/2018 - Latest hotfix changes added. Hello Everyone. I've seen many people asking for a ship speed calculator that would include modules, skillbooks, and the weight of guns and repairs. Well, I've created an excel tool to do exactly that. I am linking a shared online version, but feel free to make a copy for yourself, to avoid getting interrupted by someone else changing things. It is version 1.0, so please let me know if something breaks or isn't working. Enjoy! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cyEvndWzhCgo6UQZwIbtjoyZncimnLHf4TujtfSw3m8/edit?usp=sharing Note: Unfortunately I don't have any way to factor the force bonus modules and skillbooks into this, so it's good to remember that it's still possible to increase the speed of your ships above what you find using this tool.
  3. Maybe some new guys find this helpful? I decided to obsess over optimal perk distribution for a very specific task and ended up making this little thing. You need to log into google and make your own copy to use it, btw...
  4. This is my Spreadsheet Calculator for Ship Crafting. Since I started it the Naval Crafting website is up and I think most people are using that, but I still see some people using this when I am making edits and such. I personally just prefer having all the prices and stuff on the one page, none of the clicking through for all different ships. Plus with pretty much all of the formula and whatever already done editing and adding things doesn't take a lot of time. Who knows when other calculators will stop getting updates, might as well keep plugging in the changes as they come just in case. Anyway, for the handful of people still using my spreadsheet over the fancy website, here it is. Ship Crafting Cost Calculator Just put in the cost of your materials and you will see the cost of crafting each ship. You can include the number of crafting notes, and you can adjust the value you give to crafting notes, with a little calculator for you to work out their crafted cost if you want to use that value. Also included, a ball park figure for the price of the Basic version sold by the NPC, since the price does vary depending on the wood type and such. There is also a sheet where all the required raw materials for each ship are listed, the recipes for all the ships and the other sheets are where the magic happens. Recent Changes 12/2/16 - Added Belle Poule and NPC prices for basic ships. Carriage recipes changed again. 4/2/16 - Carriage and Iron changes. Completed Raw Materials. 2/2/16 - First lot of Raw Materials needed put in. 30/01/16 - Fixed error with Iron Fittings recipe that no one had noticed. Shhhh. 29/01/16 - Added Crafting Hours, made it look pretty with colours. Finalized all ship recipes. To Do List 12/2 patch changed carriage recipes, when I log in to find out what they changed to I will change them on the sheet.
  5. Ship crafting PDF

    So I decided to try out crafting last night and thought hey wouldn't it be nice If I had a PDF that made life simple. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4qvgo15w3mctr3/Naval%20Action%20Crafting.xlsx?dl=0&preview=Naval+Action+Crafting.xlsx (Please open it in excel on your PC or Excel Online as I can't get Dropbox to not show an ultra crappy preview.) This PDF so far gives information on: Qty bought and total spent on individual resources Weights of resources Total gold spent buying resources Total weight of resources bought Total resources needed