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Now that the game's population is split, it may be best to split the forums up as well so as to not have any cross confusion. If possible, I think there should be Forums or sub-forums dedicated to each server, this way all clan recruiting, National News, and all that much anticipated forum PvP can be isolated to the servers that they take place.

This could also help as moderators and GM could be assigned to the forum of the server that they themselves are most active in, thus be able to handle any situation that may arise with more tact and understanding of the atmosphere.


For Example:


[Tentative PvP 1 Server Name] Forum

  • Recruiting
  • National News
  • General Discussion
  • Trade

All of these would be specific for events, news, and clans solely operating in PvP 1. 

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Id go one step further and mandate faction/server in recruitment thread title.

If each server is split in different sub-forums this wouldn't be necessary. Until each server is clearly defined in sub-forums this would be the way to go, though.

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