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Project "Frederika Louise Wilhelmina"

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As some might know this was originally planned as a model build of the Minverva, well things have changed. SteelSandwich helped me find a more documented beauty. The dutch 36 gun frigat Frederika Louise Wilhelmina, 1789. I am really thrilled to start this and will keep you people updated during my project.


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I replied on the other thread that this ship is not the Dutch Minerva.  The only Dutch Minerva that I came across was a 26 gun sixth rate  http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=1515


The document itself, translated to English:


Corvette 36 pieces  from ca.1790. Very detailed drawing. A. Lange drawing. B. Side of the hull to the waterline, as figurehead: Minerva. C. Halfdekplan and vertical elevation to the waterline. D. Truss Drawing. E. Fully bow view. F. Full view mirror. With text: "Long 132, Broad 37, Hol 17.5 Foot, 24 pieces in the steerage, 12 lighter pieces on the slippery deck." NB The body also comes in the details entirely consistent with the model of the "Prince Willem Frederik Hendrik" and "Minerva" of 26 pieces, 136-36 3/4 - 13 10/11 built in 1787 for Zeeland. No watermark. With scale: 1 foot = 0.5 cm.


Thus document states that this ship is not the Minerva, but appears to be similar to her.


I personally think this ship model here might be of the Argo, as it was built in 1790, with similar dimensions and same number of guns on the top decks as well as lower.  http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=16094

The only problem is that the Argo's length is 139'8" while the document states that it is 132.  I could not find a Dutch 36-gun frigate with a length of 132 Amsterdam feet that would of existed in the 1790s.

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Allow me to have a go at it.


The difficulty with this ship is that the owner of the plans, the maritime museum Rotterdam, states in the description no name. What is mentioned, also pointed out by wesley, is that the figurehead on the front is an image of 'Minerva'.

Therefore it implies, yet does not ensure, the name is Minerva. This is also stated in a similar fashion in the topic made by Zeekoning.


Regardless of her name (which is not really that important) she is a pretty ship.


On the topic that she doesn't look alike the ship on the painting: Paintings(as well as models) are often inaccurate, keep that in mind.


IMO, it doesnt state to certainty that she is the Minerva, nor does lack of prove on threedecks prove she didn't exist.

Either way, its a detailed ship plan and models are always welcome.


If you are keen on this ship, go for this one.

If, perhaps, you are interested in other suggestions, have a look at the following:









*For additional info just ask*


And for sure check out this:



If that doesnt satisfy your need for dutch ship plans, i dont know what does^^

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@CommodoreWesley, It seems the data regarding this ship is not very clear so it seems to me that this might not be the best choice. Although what you say about she not needing a name necessarily is completly true. But i know that i am more driven when i not only look the looks of something but also its history. I shall have to think about this.


@SteelSandwich, I totally agree on that, and yes she is beautifull. See my reaction to CommodoreWesley. These are also some nice ships, i assume that you know more of these ships specifically. Is that right? I also heard that you are working on a little project called the "Zeven Provincien"  ;) and that i could contact you via teamspeak. Is that a possibility sometime? maybe better to PM about this...


I saw that list with Dutch ships and that sparked the start of the start of this project and it surely satisfies my needs. XD


Ps. Just a little note to the community of Naval Action! You are an awesome bunch. Keep it going!

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Just a little update. I am still working on this whenever i can. But i will not be able to do much this month because i am just to busy with other things(making money). I have learned a lot of my first 'prototypes' though and i still plan finish this.

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