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  1. *Facepalms* You know, a lot of us were already quite upset that due to the lack or ship parts that have to be crafted to build ships (blocks, frame parts, ingots, and etc.) as the production for it allowed for smaller players to be able to participate in the crafting economy and assist the shipbuilders. Taking out the crafting experience for repairs and guns is extremely ridiculous as now there's no way for us to get the crafting level up to get the labor hours to get the resources out of the production buildings... This is literally the complete opposite direction that we wanted.
  2. So much Swedish love... And not enough Dutch... But never fear, there are twenty-seven other patriots still voting for the best ship! Vrijheid! Can we petition the devs/modelers to make all of these ships? Like all of these ships will be put into the game and we just vote on the order? That would be nice.
  3. Fish have been in the game for quite some time, just that they are hidden as you can only see them when you are trying to set up a buy contract. I assume it is for a later feature.
  4. And people thought my USS Demologos was ridiculous... It existed and was in the time period!
  5. I love heeling ships, because only there it separates men from the boys.
  6. Rattlesnake HYPE!!!! And I get my Essex back!!! (and hopefully she is not the wooden wall of indestructibility this time, but behaves more like a Frigate) And crew changes! More reasons to press the 6, 7, 8, and 9 keys again! And... okay, to save you gents some time... pretty much everything. It's just so nice to be able to test new features again!
  7. I have the Vrijheid (freedom) to choose what I want! But in a more serious note, a problem we have is that we don't have full plans of the Vrijheid... We can find diagrams of her decks, but not the full side view to find all of the ribbing, gunport placement and such. Now, there might be more diagrams of her, as we could possibly try and contact the Dutch museum that has the model of her and ask where they got the lines from, so it is not a lost cause yet. In my opinion, I want get both ships, the Vrijheid and the Admiraal. If the devs decide to limit the first rates to nationality, then the Admiraal should be given to us as well, as there are no examples of Dutch first rates during this time period. However, I like playing as the underdog. I'll keep shouting for the Vrijheid for my own entertainment despite that she is still one of the lowest ranked ships in the voting selection. If it goes down to the wire where my vote is needed to get any of the Dutch ships, then I might change it. But to be honest, if any of the ships are in the top five, they will be accepted, therefore there should not be any sweat for the Admiraal supporters right now. Now, if there are enough Admiraal supporters right now to make it into the top 5, well, maybe they need to change a few of their vote to the Vrijheid so then we get two ships!
  8. How about we encourage everyone spread out their votes so that all of these ships will be put into in the game? I mean, that would make everyone happy, right? Like instead of voting for which ship, we vote on the order these ships to be developed! And we'll get all of 'em in the long run! Or you can vote for the Vrijheid and that will make at least one person happy...
  9. We should vote for the ship that we want, so then the developers have to find ships to fill the gaps and then they have to make even more ships! Because at the end of the day, all we want are more ships!
  10. Oh ye of so little faith! Vrijheid!!! The only reason why people are voting for the Addmiral de Ruyter is just because of her name and because she has votes. The ship herself is unremarkable, as she did not fight in combat, and was built for the French in the Napoleonic Wars (due to the Netherlands being annexed by Napoleon) (and the paint scheme on the picture is French inspired). It's almost like treason to like that ship... The Vrijheid on the other hand fought hard in the lopsided battle of Camperdown, with it's heroic last stand by Admiral de Winter. Demasted, and with most of her crew lost, she would be one of the few Dutch ships did not sink due to the amount of damaged received in that tragic battle. She is a ship deserving a place in Naval Action as she actually participated in some real life naval combat. Therefore, the true Dutch patriot would vote for the Vrijheid. Some people think that I love this ship because of her name, but that's not true. It's her history. Virjheid!!!
  11. Stop denouncing my ship! Vrijheid!!! (it's a really fun word to say!) Besides, didn't the Dordercht like explode in combat or something? I kinda don't want one that went boom... A Dutch fourth rate that I would like would be the 56-gun Delft. Also, the Admins stated in the past to vote for ships that you want, not for filling out the roster. The devs will fill them out eventually. These selections are just for the special ships we want added for glorious patriotic reasons! Vrijheid!!!
  12. Vrijheid!!! (Freedom!!!) (I think the Dutch are divided over which ship...)
  13. True, but I am trying to compare her to other merchant ships, not warships. I mean, I like the ship, but I am just trying to figure out what her role would be in comparison to a standard East Indianman. The Indianman would be smaller and slower, possibly with a bit heavier guns and better armor thickness, but because the Indianman is slower she is going to be chased down and attacked more often, which is obviously not something a merchant captain would really want. The Farquharson on the other hand is larger, faster and still reasonably heavily armed. She exceeds in all classes of what a merchant wants, speed and cargo space. Therefore, the Farquharson would become more preferred by merchant captains than an Indianman. Now, the one big thing that would balance her out in my opinion is the more loaded a ship is, the worse that ship preforms in all sailing conditions, speed, turn rate, etc. regardless in the open sea or in the battle instance (and if this feature is already in the game, then it needs to be buffed as I have not been able to notice it). Therefore, a loaded Farguharson sail significantly slower, making her more likely to fall prey by other warships. Because she does not have the armor or the heavier weight firepower of an Indianman, she will not be nearly as effective.
  14. She's a pretty ship, sleek and modern despite her size. Great work in constructing her Ragnar! My only fear is that this ship will be the one and only preferred merchant ship in the game. With such a large hold, speed and cannons, why bother having a navy or escorts? I mean, yes she was built in 1820, but just like my example about the USS Demologos, just because she's in the time period does not mean that she fits into the game.
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