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UGG: Bug report: Units at the edge of the map/updated.

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...and they fought and fought and fought...

...and if they havent died they all fought happily ever after.

Actually they are just dancing, hours of close combat without losses on both sides.


Obviously there was something done about this matter but not solved pleasant.











Unfortunately my wish of adding clips for units on the edge wasnt implemented, so you cant see that there are a bunch of union regiments.






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update 04/16/2014


Hi guys,


I recognized something new you might dont know....








The Prob is not that they are not fighting anymore, the prob is that I can still see a routed unit. Meanwhile I withdrew Pettigrew.

As you can see union player wasnt able to see or command biddle.

So it isnt that huge prob anymore if you recognize on time that it is just a ghost regiment. At least 4 gameplay.







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