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Cycle Between Fleets/Ports That Are On Top Of Each Other


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Issue:  On the Campaign map, if there are 2 fleets that are on top of each other, or a fleet on top of an enemy port, it is impossible to click on the fleet/port underneath.

Steps to reproduce:  First scenario:  create a fleet of 2 ships and put them to sea.  On the following turn, move only 1 ship to a new spot of sea.  Now attempt to select the 2nd ship that is now underneath the departing one.   Images for this scenario are attached showing 3 ships in June 1900 and once they moved away in July 1900 the 17 ships underneath were revealed.  Second scenario:  Move your fleet onto an enemy port without having the tactic unlocked that allows for port strikes.  I accomplished this by moving my German fleet onto the port of Portland in the USA just north of Boston.  I had to go through several turns before the game picked my fleet as the one that was on top so I could select it and move it away.  In the intervening turns, I could see a pixel's width of the German flag underneath the American one.  Unfortunately, I do not have screen shots of this scenario.

Proposed solution:  Allow for the game to recognize when when multiple task forces are stacked on top of each other, both friendly or friendly and enemy units, and when the stack is clicked, bring up a prompt that would allow the player to choose what task force they are attempting to select.

Rationale:  Implementing the proposed solution as a feature would allow the player, and by extension the AI if the devs would allow it, to split a task force multiple times in a single turn.  As an example, this would allow tactical deployments to cover multiple chokepoints at once, such as the Philippines where multiple waterways are separated by islands.



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