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Clan LMB in Sweden PVE are recruiting

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LMB in Sweden PvE are recruiting and we are an international clan from different nations, we are looking for active players to join us and have fun, and to fight fleets, and much more, we own ports such as (Shipyard Base and Warehouse port Oranjestad) and Basseterre Town and would be fun with more players to join us and fight in HDFs and much more, contact me if any interest comes up, 

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"I am a naval action player, and although I haven't played in the last 3 years, I have picked up the game again and wanted to share my opinion and some other opinions about the latest wipe. Here are the complaints:

  1. Too many green zones, which forces PvP concentration on only two islands, San Juan and Santo Domingo. This reduces the opportunities for PvP in other areas.

  2. Excessive hull toughness and low damage between shots. This makes battles very long and boring for experienced players. Please increase the damage, it should be at least double the current amount. For example, cannons with 24 damage should be increased to 34, and so on for all cannons.

  3. The ships are excessively tough, leading to never-ending battles.

  4. Increase the experience gain. It's impossible for mid-ranking players such as ensigns, lieutenants, or captains to rank up because battles provide very little experience.

  5. While green zones are a good idea to protect novice players from ganking, please reduce the size of these zones to encourage PvP in other areas.

  6. Have only one server, eliminate the peace server, and work towards finalizing the game. Constant changes frustrate players. We believe that four nations (England, Spain, France, and the Netherlands), along with a reduced pirate faction, should be sufficient to simplify the game. There could be scattered cities from other nations such as the USA, Sweden, or Denmark, but historical accuracy regarding the nations in the Caribbean should be maintained.

  7. More variety in the distribution and gifting of DLC (Downloadable Content). It doesn't make sense to have hundreds of 'Trincomales' in the game while lacking other ship models.

  8. Reduce the availability of high-tier ships like First Rates, Victorys, and Santisimas, as these overwhelm new players and prolong the learning process. The game is still slow, and transportation should be accelerated or made easier.

  9. Prices for DLC in Steam, are excessive, although I understand the need to sell them. Releasing a finished game would hold more value than leaving it unfinished with constant and drastic changes every five months. Such frequent changes frustrate players and cause them to quit for a while.

  10. Nations like China or Prussia don't contribute much to the game. These players should be able to join the main nations without having to remove their flags.

I hope you can address these suggestions and finally complete the game. By the way, you should consider reviving the Naval Action Europa project for battles during the Napoleonic era and have partial maps of Europe for those historical battles. Thank you."

As a simple Captain on the game, I don't have experience as a leader of CLAN. However, based on the comments it seems that the players has some concerns and suggestions regarding various aspects of the game Naval Action. They address issues such as PvP concentration, bad changes in battle mechanics, less experience gain, the number of nations and ship variety, DLC distribution and price, game progression that never finished, and bad historical accuracy. The player expresses a desire for a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience, with fewer frustrations and a focus on completing the game. 

Congralutions anyway for your game.  Well done and await you could improve.

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