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Periodic CTD on launch trying to play off-line with Steam version


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Have had this happen twice now. Don't open the game for a while off-line after doing successful launch, then try to as I did tonight and game crashes to desktop. 

None of my other Steam games exhibit this behavior, what's going on?

I play off-line to avoid the auto-update of other games, specifically Stellaris (lots of frustration toward pdx right now with their endless changes that break the game I like).

Is there a way to check steam files without triggering update of all steam games?

Wondering if there's a pathway back to playing the non-steam version of this game - was an early purchaser. 

If I understand right though, that means having to play with an internet connection, or is that not the case? 

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Thx for response. 

Will watch video to make sure I'm not missing anything on verifying game integrity. 

Question on your practice and experience with Steam updates and workshop mods - to confirm my impressions.

Do you do this my editing the acf file or through the settings menu?

Also, if you apply a time limit window for downloads through settings does that apply to the game AND the workshop mods associated with that game or just the game? - that's my biggest concern - running 35 mods can make the game+mods a bit "humpty-dumpty".

Also, if you run steam with the time-setting window on for update downloads, that means outside the window you can run steam to check integrity of files without auto-triggering update activity, right?


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It's not that complicated mate.

If I notice my computer flashing like crazy, I know it is trying to update one of my games. If I don't want updates I just go to steam, click on the update page and on the right side of the update, you can select no auto updating.

So when you go to check out the integrity of your game, if any updates start up, just go to that page and turn off auto updating.

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As it turns out the base game update controls are not the issue. I know how to control that. But, as I'd feared its the workshop mods, I run 35 of them on Stellaris, and that's a average to low number compared to others. Workshop mods update no matter what when running steam online. So have to confirm a work-around for that.

None of the above addresses what I view to be a GameLabs issue - none of my other Steam games crash like this when I run offline, some of which I haven't played at all. For UA:AoS all I did was check integrity and open it, everything fine, then closed and left it for a few months, then try to open it offline and crash - shouldn't do that. 

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