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Solution for issues related to starting a combat


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if you experience issues with starting a combat in the game, please make sure you have the latest VC Redistributables installed.

If you still experience the problem, please post in this topic

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I already have a newer version of the mentioned VC Redistributables installed (Version 14.31.31103.0 for x86 and x64 respectively), however in my current campaign there is a battle that reliably refuses to load. It is always stuck when creating the divisions for the transports. See the two screenshots i added as attachments.

The save file is too big to add it to this post directly (even as a zip file), so i put a copy of the entire "Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts" folder from "<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs" as a zip file on google drive, i hope this helps to reproduce the issue.

Edit: Seems to be the same issue as 




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