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Core Patch 0.5 v90 broke Quick Mission


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16 hours ago, ramius345 said:

The quick mission builder is broken since this patch update.


All the ship types are gone and none of the buttons at the bottom work.  I have to alt-tab out of the game and close it from the taskbar.



Greetings Admiral. Could you please clarify if you tried to verify integrity of game files in the launcher by expanding "Option" button and selecting "Repair"? Or, please complete reinstall by this guide:


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10 hours ago, DOOMSDAY201675 said:

I also have this issue, I have attempted to use the repair option and have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game yet no matter what I do this won't go away.

Admiral, please clarify, do you use overclocking for video card or processor?

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19 hours ago, ramius345 said:

I wanted to mention that the same issue happened on a second computer.  Doing the complete uninstall, removing roaming data, and removing registry entries worked a second time.

Thank you for the feedback

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