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The formula is:

hull weight = maximum displacement * hullWeightRatio * (100% + sum of hull weight modifiers)

  • hullWeightRatio is a number depending on the base hull. Note that different nations usually have different hulls at the same tech level.
  • Hull weight modifiers come from components and techs, with the former generally increasing hull weight and the latter decreasing it.
  • Since these two are multiplied together, a high hullWeightRatio makes hull weight modifiers more impactful.
  • A total of -35% hull weight is available from Hull Strengthening techs, and -7% from Hull Construction techs, for a total of -42% at end game.
  • hullWeightRatio does not affect torpedo belt weight, but (100% + sum of hull weight modifiers) does factor into torpedo belt weight.

Notes on hullWeightRatio:

  • DDs have very high hullWeightRatio: usually from 40% to 50%, not generally improving with time. Particularly good values for their time period include:
    • German Destroyer III
    • American/British Modern Destroyer (Standard)
  • CLs have a wide spread, generally improving with time. Particularly good values for their time period include:
    • Japanese Light Cruiser III
    • Japanese Experimental Cruiser
    • Austrian/French/German/Italian/Russian Modern Light Cruiser (13.1%)
  • CAs have bad hullWeightRatio when they are armored cruisers (~30%) but have great hullWeightRatio when they become heavy cruisers (~15%). Particularly good values for their time period include:
    • Austrian/Italian Armored Cruiser III
    • Italian/Russian Heavy Cruiser I
    • French Heavy Cruiser II, which is the best in the game (10%!)
  • BCs are usually around 20%, with a slightly improving trend with time. Past Battlecruiser III, France has the best hullWeightRatio (mostly 16%, with Experimental Battlecruiser I at 15%)
  • BBs are usually a touch better than BCs of comparable year. Particularly good values for their time period include:
    • Russian Dreadnought I and II
    • Anything British starting with Modernized Dreadnought (as low as 14.5%)
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Nice work.

Btw, I heard that there is a torpedo propeller fuel submenu in the armaments tab in the designer, but its disabled in the moment. Is it possible for you to try to dig something more out of it (what options might be locked, if there is any code assotiated with that, etc)?

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16 minutes ago, Evil4Zerggin said:

There are no actual components defined for it so far. My best guess is that they may separate fuel type from range/speed setting.

Nothing? Not even other options? Did the devs just add a completely empty submenu to the game...

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