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  1. To me, I really have nothing to say besides it's of those ideas that are not hard to implement, are a massive QoL improvement, and have nothing against it, so why not?
  2. While this speculation is nice, I'm interested to hear what Nick has to say about this.
  3. Oh, that would be amazing. Im also part of a ship building discord of UAD and that wouls ease the sharing process a lot.
  4. After getting back to play Alpha-12, hotfix v86, I was quite dissapointed with my experience, as it was a bugfest. There is a random glitch were ALL turrets get the yellow "poor sector of fire" at the same time for no reason. And then it dissapears one by one randomly too. This issue MIGHT be caused and also fixed by camera placement, but otherwise, got no explanation for it. Sometimes, either the framerate falls down a cliff or the game begins to lagg really bad, with a weird motion blur effect. It is also random. Also, may not be really a bug, but reduce t
  5. I also think the spotting values should be based on the area of its projection to the observer, not (solely) component size and numbers. If you add a 10 inch to the deck side by side with a tower, do you think that will make the ship more spottable? If you add at the front, yeah, but right now even minuscule turrets on the tower can increase spotting. Can go into more details if needed.
  6. @Nick Thomadis Im writting this after the several delays of core-patch, and that "Peak at the campaign" post, I decided to post this to get some info before I request something. When I asked how the campaign is going 1 month and 2/3 weeks ago, you said you'd show some stuff about it as soon as possible, okay. But then came another delay. To be honest, I'm not in for the campaign, I'm ALL IN for the design save feature. Its that feature that would add vast replayability bonuses to any content released as players would be much more enticed to tweak their ships and try out new st
  7. We really need a super long issue/feature suggestion list. There has been so many ideas/issues, yet their implementation and fixing has taken so long/never happened that we end up forgetting 70% of them, until they come to mind a few months later, and the cycle repeats.
  8. They actually publicly show this?! Oh, so, dont give two damns to the user, make games free-to-play freemium crapfests to atract casual players (kiddies and vulnerable people), turn them into paying whales, and then convince them to stay to keep milking the wallet carriers costumers. I was already worried about this purchase, but I thought SF could be given the benefit of the doubt... Now I know I need to seriously worry.
  9. Time to make some badass pre-dreadnoughts!
  10. Yeah, as long as it is gradual. It would be weird if a ship with 74% of its ammo had a 50% flashfire and one with 75% had a 25% flashfire. But I agree with your ideas. Make sure to bring increased shells, especially to big ship battles. If the enemy isnt severely cripped by now, that ship is essentially useless.
  11. To be honest, depends. SF could just be a finantial/marketing backer, and then limit itself to receive the payments from GL. Or they could convert GL into a freemium studio. Its still too early to know what will happen, but this is my advice. Keep with the game for now. If, however, they try day -1 dlc, premium currency, or any other bullshit, write a review/threat warning calling them on their shit and warning other people, and then just quit the game. EDIT: Changed "threat" to "warning". Dont send threats to the devs. I meant warning people.
  12. Yeah. You want to fire thight to a close/standing still target to destroy them in a run, but fire wide to at least hit something at long distances.
  13. Here's a transparent fish as a welcome back.
  14. Okay, now I found it and now it worries me.
  15. Well, maybe SF has that portfolio because they buy f2p studios, not because they "convert" studios into f2p. This however seems to dismiss it, but i am wondering where the poster got that, as i didnt find any "GaaS" on the press release.
  16. Sorry for this, I'm gonna be rather harsh, but are you two done with your discussion? This thread, as said already, is about the purchase of GL. I understand why that discussion came up and it was originally related to the topic (im not gonna take sides), but it has been going on for too long and now its just "poluting the forum", as a certain user once told me. If you plan to keep it going, then as I said above, you can do it on discord and do it there for as long and as loud as you want. But please, finish it here.
  17. Thanks for responding. Its just that Stillfront's portfolio and the complete aquisition of GL left us worrying about the future of GL, plus it was unnanounced and a complete surprise. However, assuming SF doesnt intervene much on the development/designing side of things, and acts more as a marketing and finantial backer, then like you say, this aquisition could proove to be positive and give GL more resources to work on. If that happens, then its a decision I wont oppose (I dont have the right to tell anybody how to run their biz anyways), but it would be a worrying situation if SF starts
  18. While I do like the idea, the devs apararently dont like the idea of players doing more than the AI can. I dont mind if its only the AI that gets capped, but I'm not gonna like if its the players that are also capped.
  19. So many unique franchises of a games ruined or discarted. They sell well the first time. Then they are bought. The sequel reveals some changes to be a more "sandardized" game, but still fun and unique. The games following those are just shameless cash grabs, and once they inevitably fail, company shut, franchise forgotten. I've seen enought [Prototype]s and Dead Spaces to not like that process.
  20. Looking at the replies, its clear people are worried. In my opinion, those originally in charge of Game-Labs selling the whole studio completely without keeping at least some of the company to themselves could be a mistake, as said above, Stillfront Group is now essentially their boss, so now Nick (a pseudonym for Maxim Zasov, the CEO of GL acording to SF, or is Maxim a diferent guy?) wont have a say on how the company will run. Now, I dont know if SF plans to convert GL into something like its previous studios, or if it is just an atempt into non-f2p RTSs without much bullshit, but
  21. Found this quite informative tweet about this. https://twitter.com/thegeneralboard/status/1390096049558237194
  22. Thanks for responding to the original question.
  23. If you havent already heard of, Game-Labs Studio got bought by Stillfront Group, that now holds 100% of the shares, essentially putting the studio under their complete control. The problem? Stillfront stinks of microtransaction f2p mobile games (they even make it publicly). People are worried of what this will mean for Game Labs projects, especially UA:D. Will Game Labs just continue biz as usual? Will the new heads speed up and finish the development of UA:D in the way it would be preferable for us? Is UAD, for being rather incomplete, just end up going to the tr
  24. Oh yes. The 2 milion ton frozen wood carrier that hits only 7 knots, cannot operate for a decent ammount of time outside the arctic/antartic oceans, and would have likely taken the resources of the entire british navy to build. Because we all know making more carriers or antisub destroyers to escort merchant ships with all those resources is silly. I already knew that one, but thanks for reminding me.
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