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Critical error in formations logic.


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Problem is serious enough. Reported this through ingame reporter, but rushed it a bit and done proper testing after the report, i'm a dum.
Now collected what i could of details, so i though better to post it here, in case.

A random custom battle. Important part here is: One of my groups is a "battle line" under manual control, consisting of two ships. Then other ship is ordered to "FOLLOW" the battle group.

How to reproduce: order your "Battle line" to FOLLOW a ship that is currently set to FOLLOW the Battle line.

In general, have any number of groups, where at least one group includes multiple ships, to Follow each other in a "loop", so each one is set to Follow something and the last one Follows the first one.

Result, After the Follow loop is done:

- All ships from multiple ship groupsĀ  in the loop will freeze in place.
- All singular ships in the loop will still move, but jittery; at high time speed those will also freeze.
- All other ships outside of loop will move normally, on any time speed.
- All ships, both affected and unaffected, will continue firing their guns "normally" (gunnery is still a bit bugged you know).
- Game itself will heavily stutter, typical behaviour of Unity spamming millions of exceptions.

Sorry, couldn't find where the game keeps error logs, if it does.

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