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Calculation for stacking of trim, port bonuses and upgrades

Commodore Sixty Four


Hi Team

I have a question regarding the calculation for stacking of trim, port bonuses and upgrades. I'll use speed as an example but assume it applies to other measures, such as cannon dispersion, as well.

If I have a ship with a baseline speed of 12.40 kn and it has the following applicable trim, port bonus and upgrade:

  • Trim - Very Fast +3.0%
  • Sailing Bonus 4 +3.5%
  • Copper Plating +3.3%

Are these each calculated off the baseline speed individually, e.g.

  • Trim - Very Fast +0.372 kn
  • Sailing Bonus 4 +0.434 kn
  • Copper Plating +0.409 kn

And then added to the baseline speed to give, in this example, a final speed of 13.62 kn (12.40+1.22 kn)?

https://na-map.netlify.app/ suggests this may be the case but, as the calculation is hidden, and I'm keen to understand the underlying methodology, can you please confirm whether my understanding and calculations are correct or not?

Thanks in advance!


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