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Freezing in Seabattle mode


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So, recently, I had my desktop  power supply fried, and it fried the mb/cpu too. Hard drives are fine. Anyway, due to that I had to reinstall uad on a net book... I7 cpu, 4gb ram, 256gb hd. intel 630 gfx. I can design ships... but somewhere in the sea battle phase, the screen will freeze. the game itself continues, but the screen image simply freezes and sounds are fine. I would certainly guess that a lenovo yoga is not really meant for this sort of game, but it does work... I got thru the first mission [again] just fine without crashing. Subsequent missions however, and the custom battles, even 1v1, the screen freezes while game sounds continue to work fine.

Only thing I can think of the gfx not meant to handle the game, which is odd because it handles WoWS just fine.... Considering almost all gfx options are at the lowest setting... yeah, freezing is odd. Advice and thoughts welcome.

Had this game since January, really have enjoyed it.

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More specifically, it is the open gl stuff...

As for video drivers....

intel updater insists there is a video update for the 630, HOWever, the installer software/website insists that I have to go thru lenovo... Which does not have an update for the video driver of this model...

Pardon my little rant here, but why they don't bother with a video driver update for a laptop that is supposedly a collector edition [starwars], thats just stupid... I have a smaller Lenovo that got the video update just fine, maybe I should ask Lenovo a question on that... It's not that I can't play.. I can play in design mode fine... But I will attempt to inquire to Lenovo on the subject of video drivers...

Edit, the only "updated driver" on lenovo site is from 2017, and it did install, but some installers tend not to say if they over write things or not.

Edit #2: And this is important. The game will run with intel 630 graphics fine in windowed mode. For me, it was 1600x1050 or so windowed. The sea battle mode did not crash/freeze at any point. So, my current goal is to see how much I can push the effects up... Anyway, thanks again for your help.

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