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Game froze in OW as soon I joined battle. Got ganked as a result.


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Game froze me on the Open World as I clicked to join a battle. Totally frozen but I could still move the camera around. I had to re-log and on first re-log I got the wave view bug (camera underwater). Re-logged again and this time I was already being tagged by 6 enemy players. Got tagged and instantaneously hammered in battle. Lost a Mahogany(S)/Teak(S) Endy, blue 4 slots with navy hull, copper plating, naval clock and norther master carps. 96 hull reps, 59 rig reps. 600 rum, 1950 dubs. I would not have been tagged if I did not got frozen in the open world.
*One of the screenshots is from my friend, we were sailing together and he also experienced the same bug with that battle as he tried to join.




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